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Magpul Sling Mount

Magpul Sling Mount

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Discover the Pinnacle of Tactical Precision: Magpul Sling Mounts at Mounts Plus

For enthusiasts seeking exceptional tactical gear, Mounts Plus proudly presents our comprehensive collection of Magpul Sling Mounts. These mounts offer an unmatched blend of quality, durability, and functionality, making them a favored choice among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Why Choose Magpul Sling Mounts?

Magpul Sling Mounts have set the industry standard through a resolute commitment to innovation and quality. Made in the USA, each mount is crafted with precision, delivering reliable performance under various conditions for shooters, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Distinct Advantages of Magpul Sling Mounts

Magpul Sling Mounts stand out from the crowd due to their exceptional durability, unparalleled versatility, and Magpul’s dedication to delivering top-tier tactical solutions.

Exceptional Durability

Each Magpul Sling Mount is designed with high-grade materials and rigorous quality controls to ensure superior durability, even in challenging environments.

Unparalleled Versatility

Magpul Sling Mounts offer an adaptable design that can seamlessly integrate with different firearm platforms, making them a versatile choice for various tactical requirements.

Quality You Can Trust

With Magpul, quality isn't just promised—it's delivered. Every Magpul Sling Mount exceeds industry standards, providing you with a tactical edge that's tough to beat.

Our Extensive Range of Magpul Sling Mounts

At Mounts Plus, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of Magpul Sling Mounts. Explore our collection today to find the perfect match for your tactical needs.

Choose Mounts Plus for All Your Magpul Sling Mount Needs

At Mounts Plus, we strive to deliver the very best in tactical solutions. Our range of Magpul Sling Mounts, backed by outstanding customer service and expert advice, is designed to help you make the perfect choice. Browse our collection of Magpul Sling Mounts today and experience the difference that quality makes.

What people are saying about these Magpul Sling Mounts:


Installed the Magpul ASAP on a Colt 6920 with Magpul furniture. This weapon's purpose is as a basic patrol rifle - lightweight and nothing fancy. The ASAP Magpul sling mount is just right for this Keep It Seriously Simple rig. It's not elegant and it does rattle but it serves the purpose without fuss or finesse. Quick into action and not likely to fail. Allows easy transition to off-hand or extreme positions.


What can you say - it's a Magpul product

We installed the Magpul ASAP on my son's M4 patrol rifle. We are not armorers by any stretch, but it took all of 10 minutes to install after watching a 7 minute you-tube video, hardest part was seating the shim (have a pair small needle nose plier). Also I strongly suggest getting the CAR stock wrench and the magazine vise block if you've never removed the castle nut before. The Ambidextrous movement between both shoulders is sweet, just like in the movies. Do yourself a favor - get the Magpul Ambidextrous Single Point Sling (ASAP)Gen3 to go with this end plate sling mount.


Personally, this is a must have!

This Magpul sling mount is a must-have for me! I have had it installed on all my AR-15s and AR-10 since the first time I heard about Magpul and the ASAP sling mount. I never had a problem with it… They say it is annoying and noisy, there are other better products… cut the winning people! When the Zombie invasion comes, and I am using a 2 point sling, I will solve the clinging with a small cable zip tide and solve the problem! Great Buffer tube sling mount!


Versatile little sling mount!

My rifle has existing QD mounts, but I picked this m lok sling mount up to give myself some more options as far as mounting locations in the front. Love that this one is aluminum and the quality is great. The Magpul qd sling mount attaches/releases smoothly. Installation is simple, which makes it also easy to adjust. Looks great on my rifle.


Magpul MLOK Sling Mount Feedback

I installed the Magpul QD sling mount on a rifle that did not have a QD attachment point on the MLOK rail. As with all Magpul products, this QD mount is no exception, top quality, fit, and finish. Mounting on the rail took all of three minutes, was easy to install, and my sling QD mounts fit perfectly. What I do like about the mount is the rotation limiters, so the sling will not get twisted. Great product; buy and use with confidence


Worth the extra money.

I just finished putting this Magpul sling attachment on my 870 and I'm pleased with the results. A nicely made piece that works as advertised. I would have rated it a 5 if it wasn't for the way it's set up for the QD arrangement. The nut (2 supplied because they know you will probably lose one) they'd like you to use are a real pain. I got around it by using the fixed sling mount instead on the opposite side. Not as clean a mount that way, but loads easier to handle. I also added the Magpul MS4 sling and GG&G QD receiver plate to complete the mod. It all works together flawlessly.


Best AR Sling Mount of this kind!

i've tried half a dozen or more similar sling adapters to have a QD up on front part of various rifles and some thankfully already have a QD there, but for ones that don't all other devices i've tried pale in comparison to this; usually others are too bulky or don't fit in with other gear; this magpul qd sling mount is the smallest most streamline i've yet seen. Magpul never sits on their laurels they constantly design better stuff.

Great sling mount

I put these Magpul QD end plates on all my ar builds. Even if you don't usually use a sling, they just make the rifle look great. When your building the rifle is the best time to put it on so you don't have to retake the nut on the buffer tube. Besides, you never know when you might need a sling.

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