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Magpul ASAP

Magpul ASAP

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Magpul ASAP: Elevate Your Tactical Experience

Step into Mounts Plus's curated collection of Magpul ASAP sling mounts. Celebrated for their pioneering design, adaptability, and impeccable integration, Magpul ASAP has set the benchmark for firearm enthusiasts aiming to enhance their sling's adaptability.

The Magpul ASAP Distinction

Beyond being a mere accessory, the Magpul ASAP series epitomizes Magpul's relentless pursuit of perfection. Catering to competitive marksmen, tactical experts, and firearm connoisseurs, the ASAP sling mounts deliver unmatched comfort, reduced fatigue, and unparalleled functionality.

Magpul ASAP Features:

  1. Ambidextrous Excellence: Magpul ASAP offers a motion range beyond 180 degrees, facilitating effortless weapon handling for both left and right-handed users.
  2. Unyielding Durability: Precision-crafted from cast black manganese phosphatized steel, Magpul ASAP stands resilient even in the most demanding scenarios.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Tailored for a wide array of firearms, including the legendary AR-15, Magpul ASAP ensures a perfect fit and peak performance.
  4. ASAP vs. ASAP QD: Addressing varied requirements, Mounts Plus proudly presents both Magpul ASAP and ASAP QD models.

Spotlight on Magpul ASAP Offerings

  • Magpul ASAP Sling Mount - Original: This sling mount offers a motion range greater than 180 degrees, ensuring ambidextrous weapon handling. Designed to replace the standard AR15/M4 carbine stock receiver end plate, it minimizes sling snagging and ensures smooth transitions. Compatible with one-point type slings like the Magpul MS3, it's crafted from precision cast black manganese phosphatized steel.

  • Magpul ASAP QD: This variant facilitates a wide range of motion, ensuring ambidextrous weapon handling. It's compatible with one-point type slings with push-button quick disconnect sling swivels. Made from precision cast black Melonite finished steel, it's suitable for both mil-spec and commercial-spec carbine receiver extensions.

The Magpul Assurance

Magpul is the embodiment of innovation, premium quality, and trustworthiness in the firearm accessory arena. The ASAP series stands as a testament to our dedication to enhancing the shooting journey. Choose Magpul ASAP from Mounts Plus for unmatched stability, support, and tactical finesse.


The difference between standard and premium AR End Plate is palpable. At MSP, we exclusively offer AR-15 Slings from trusted brands like Magpul Sling. Shop with the assurance that we stand unwaveringly behind every product we offer.

Alt Description:

The distinction between inferior quality and premium AR End Plate is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer AR-15 Slings from the most trusted brands like Magpul Sling. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.