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AK-47 Handguard | ON SALE

AK-47 Handguard | ON SALE

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The heat emitted from an AK-47 when it's being used can be hazardous for the operator’s hands when handling the weapon. Burns is not a rare occurrence, especially in stressful operation. Typical AK handguards either don’t cover enough of your weapon or are made from cheap materials that conduct heat. This is why buying your own, high-quality AK handguard is an absolute necessity if you are a severe AK-47 operator. The rails they are accompanied with can help you accessorize your weapon even further by adding grips or sights if you want and need them. Our handguards are all made from extremely durable, heat-resistant materials and are very easy to use. If you're going to protect yourself, while also increasing your weapon’s utility order your unique AK handguard from our site now!

What people are saying about these AK Handguards:

Nice AK Handguard!

This is a nice AK handguard. It works well and covers more of my ultimak rail on the sides. It helps block the heat better than my other handguards and it great for adding addition AK accessories to you weapon.


Perfect fit

This AK handguard fits perfectly wit no wobble like the old upper wooden grip. Installed on a WASR 10. Some reviewers said they needed to press it hard to install, but I had only to give it one light strike with the rubber mallet. Installation tip: I held the front(toward muzzle) of the lower grip about 3/4 of an inch away from the rifle when I tapped it in. Another great item from Magpul!


Excellent piece of kit

I put this AK handguard on my CIA AK63D under folder, replacing the wooden handguard. For those of you who may not be familiar with this rifle, it's a Hungarian parts kit on a US-made milled receiver (same receiver as the C39V2). I expected that I would have to make some modifications to the MOE AKM set to fit on my AK63D properly, but the adjustments were easily made using my Dremel. Just remember to be patient, go slow, and check frequently. A couple of hours was all it took, if that, and the result is fantastic. I did have to shave down a bit on the outside to remove a bit of girth where the unfolding stock mates up around the lower handguard, but that was easy. So yes, it CAN work quite well on the Century AK63D under folder- be aware it's not exactly a drop-in swap. Would I do it all over again? You bet I would!


ATI handguard

I got the ATI handguard for my PSAK 47 from Palmetto State Armory. Had to do a bit of trimming to get exact fit- this was anticipated and minimal time with a Dremel. Came out looking great, and now I have a red dot sight on my AK! Excellent job ATI Outdoors.

Brad R.

Replacement AK Handguard

This is a replacement for the same item I already had on my WASR10. I had lost some of the rails and pieces that go where the rails would go. The handguard is easy to mount. I like that I can still install the cleaning rod. The only change I would make is to reduce the height of the top piece. I want to install a red dot there and still be able to use the iron sights. Again, the right product. Feels good under my hand. Proper control of the weapon.

Steve S.

Good AK Handguard

Good AK, Handguard. I have installed these on two different AK's. The Handguards went right on; gas tube uppers required some minor fitting. Allows forward mounting of optics or red dot type sights. It seems very durable.


Pretty nice rail system.

This is a pretty lovely rail system. I installed it on my Arsenal 7.62. I removed the side rails, because I don't have a good use for them, and I didn't install the top rail because I don't find it necessary either. I only use the bottom rail, which comes with a decent rail cover on it. I'll use it for a bi-pod when I zero at the range, but when I shoot once I'm zeroed, I'll keep the rails covered.


A good match for a MAK-90

A good match for a fiberforce rear on my MAK-90. It did require some cutting and grinding with my rotary tool, but very solid after the cussing. Planning to get a stubby foregrip for it, regular size might not work with full mags.


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