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If you’ve been searching for Marlin accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Mounting Solutions Plus stocks a selection of add-ons, including scope mounts, tubular feds, magazine feds, muzzelite bullpups, triggers, stocks and mount bases available at affordable prices.The inventors involved with this weapon’s creator worked to create breakthrough, rugged models that are today considered some of the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world. During World War 1, the company was bought by a New York Syndicate and dubbed the Marlin Rockwell Corporation. The brand quickly became one of the biggest machine gun producers in the world for America and their Allies. After the War, the sporting section of the business took off.

Marlin Accessories

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Marlin accessories come from a manufacturer who continues to improve on their products and raise the bar in the firearm design and manufacturing playing field. The company remains dedicated to their original principles which means customers can rest assured they are getting long-lasting and dependable products.

Take a look at our Marlin accessories today. The mounts have been engineered for maximum strength, and the bullpup stock means you can now carry your rifle with greater mobility. Whether you prefer plinking or hunting, a stock will help convert the long rifle into a highly compact weapon in a few minutes. Stocks come with fixed sights that can be adjusted for elevation and windage. Please note that some accessories are not suitable for left handed shooters, so please pick carefully. Dovetail scope mounts offer recoil resistance and come with a locking system for extra-secure, positive lock-on rings. All products in this range are quick and easy to install and have been designed to be rugged and withstand a great deal of use.

Mounting Solutions Plus stocks a wide variety of firearms and add-ons. We strive to answer customer’s operation, and accessory queries and also offer a refund/returns policy provided products are returned with their original packaging, unused and unopened. Take a look at our range and place your order today.