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AK Stock / AK47 Stock | ON SALE

AK Stock / AK47 Stock | ON SALE

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Choosing the Best AK Stock

The AK-47 is a powerhouse of a rifle and thus very popular with the veteran and collectors worldwide. Leaving the AK47 in its original factory bought state is like a human without character and clothes. An AK-47 needs its attention to become the perfect weapon for you, and that focus comes in the form of customizing agents like AK accessories and parts. The most important part to start from when customizing your AK47 is the weapon stock. The AK stock is what gives most of your gun its shape and what holds it together when it shoots. The recoil produced by each shot is distributed by the stock so that a well-designed stock can prevent your AK 47 from being damaged.

At Mounting Solutions Plus, you will find only the best when it comes to AK47 stocks with a decent collection to choose from. Customizing your AK stock will make the whole weapon immediately more comfortable for your use as it will fit your height and body-type correctly if you choose correctly. Our AK stocks are made from the sturdiest materials and are designed to please even the most demanding customer. There is something for you on our lists, so browse and find that perfect AK-47 stock you desire!

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What people are saying about these AK Stocks:

Overall very happy.

Overall very happy. Much effort on the shopping site before deciding on this AK stock (I was very confused by the warehouse number appearing to be part of the part number). In the end, I received the share in a couple of days. Installation on a Romanian, stamped AK47, went as smooth as could be. It looks good, works well, and feels good.

M. Haase

I love this folding AK stock

I love this AK folding stock, very well made, my AK looks right now, and is comfortable to shoot now. Thanks, MSP, you guys rock.

Best Folding Stock so Far for the AK

I have a variety of AK Stocks, the el-cheapo polymers that come with the rifle, wood, which looks great, but I worry about scratching it. I have the M4 style stocks and this Zhukov-S. This folds to the RightRight, not the left, so you CAN fold it and use a scope mount. It is held to the left via tension and is not locked in place. Mine doesn't move at all when folded. It telescopes to add the length of pull. I have found that I need a riser to make it comfortable to use a scope. You might not need a riser, but it's nice to have. Magpul makes them, so that's good.

What I do not like is the QD mount is only on the left, and it makes it tough to shoot left-handed if your strong side is your RightRight. I would like to see a QD mount on the top of the stock because it folds to the right you can't put a QD on that side. I will buy more of these stocks; they are rugged and seem to be very steady. This is now one of my favorite AK Accessories.

Condition 1

A great option for a new AK stock

This replacement AK stock fits my Century Arms RAS47 with a minimum of fitting. It looks great and feels solid. And, I love the adjustable pull. Since I live in California, a folding stock on an AK-47 could be an issue. So I used a longer rear mounting screw, which essentially locked the folding stock in an open position.


I used to have a wire folder on my AK-47

I used to have a wire folder on my AK-47/ MAC-90 and hated the stock but liked being able to fold it. I saw this AK stock, and it is so much more helpful to shoot with, and I think it looks better.


This AK stock fit perfect on my wasr-10

This AK stock fit perfectly on my wasr-10. I did have to drill the holes; however, if you can shoot a gun, you can dig this stock! It locks open perfectly and feels good. It is a little wobbly when closed, but I have no complaints. I would repurchase one if I had another ak. I give this a 5-bullet rating and would recommend this to everyone with a wasr-10.


Great AK Stock!

Fits the RAS 47 with just minor modifications on the forend grip. Everything else fits perfectly, and the quality and look are awe-inspiring. I would highly recommend this AK stock!!!!!!!!!!! I have also purchased many items from Mountsplus, and they ship fast, and I have never had issues with any of the products!!!

Nate Otto,

Good AK Stock!!

Fits Arsenal SGL31 perfectly. Be careful with installing the upper guard cause it's the thinnest piece. The color and texture were exactly as in the picture; I might buy some furniture care to make it shine a little bit. Packaging and delivery were outstanding.


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