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AK-47 Folding Stock | ON SALE

AK-47 Folding Stock | ON SALE

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Choosing the Best AK Stock

AKs with folding stocks are exceptionally much in fashion. Why would someone need a AK Folding Stock? If you are a pro that jumps out of planes or performs contract work that requires stealth and compactness, then you need to have one. In case you are not somebody who matches this description, but folder retains your storage area and looks trendy, then it can also be an attractive option. AK side folding stock can be found in several options which include a polymer stock on a hinge or as wire or triangular style AK stocks. Additionally, to side folders, there are also underfolders, that, as the description suggests, fold down into a compact package.

Paratroopers utilized this design along with other military units. The triangular folders and underfolders do not provide a lot of solder plays and in my own experience aren't comfortable. They aren't suggested for the novice. A number of the more popular negative folders combine the characteristics of a stock and the folding component. These are aesthetically appealing and comfy to use. In case you do not need to mess with adding a separate mechanism and you merely wish to attach a whole AK side folding stock, Magpul is a fantastic bet. It works equally with the AK-47 and AK-74. With a five-position pull adjustment, it is sturdy, well designed and available in five colors.