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AR-15 Foregrip | ON SALE

AR-15 Foregrip | ON SALE

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Choosing a AR-15 foregrip

A forward grip on an AR-15 rifle can improve handling, ergonomics, and dynamics of your rifle system. It is a essential AR-15 Accessory, whether you are a tactical operator or a military specialist or in law enforcement a vertical grip allows for more consistent handling and firing position. AR Foregrip are not all vertical. Some are angled, and some mount near to the mag well to give better weapon control. Grip Pod delivers AR-15 vertical front grips that can also become bipods with a click of a button, enabling you to go prone and take the aimed shot in seconds. Angled forward grips for ARs, like those made by Magpul, are preferred by some tactical operators for their natural positioning and enhanced weapon control. AR Foregrip can be installed to weapons platforms using the 1913 Mil-Spec Picatinny rail system or the Magpul MOE handguard. Having a problem finding exactly what you need? Reach out to our product specialists, and we'll be happy to guide you to your new AR Foregrip.

What people are saying about these AR-15 foregrips:

Great AR-15 foregrip

This MAGPUL RVG was effortless to attach in mere seconds on my AR15 Carbine rail. Bear in mind that this is not a full-length AR-15 foregrip but perfect for the last three fingers along with the thumb and forefinger in a forward, moreover the handed gripping position to obtain a solid purchase on the front of the rifle. Pros: easy to attach, reliable, and very lightweight. Cons: has a hollow, open end that can retain debris. Overall I highly recommend this grip, as it is another excellent product from Magpul.


Wow! Great AR foregrip For The Price!

I had been holding off buying a V.F.G. because I knew Magpul would be releasing this foregrip shortly. I couldn't be happier! For the price, the quality (like every Magpul product that I've used) cannot be beaten! The R.V.G. easily mounts to any Picatinny Rail using two flat head screws. Once mounted and with the screws Loctite, the MAGPUL RVG is rock-solid. The top of the RVG's shaft tappers in so that it is more comfortable when using a thumb-break hold. The sides are aggressively checkered and provide a good grip but won't rip your hands apart either. I imagine that this AR15 foregrip surface would work well when wet, although I cannot confirm this yet. The only suggestions I would make for this AR foregrip would be to add other colors (which I'm sure will happen soon) and to use hex screws instead of the flat head screws.


Easy to install AR-15 foregrip

Great foregrip. Easy to install AR-15 foregrip and gave me the improved control I was looking for. I wear a medium/large size golf glove, and the Magpul AFG2 (the smaller version) fits my hand perfectly. If you have a large or x-large hand, the original Magpul AFG1. might be a better fit.) Its placement on my rifle puts my thumb in the perfect position to work a Surefire weapon light.


I'm not a big fan of the straight vertical grips

I'm not a big fan of the straight vertical grips, so I gave this a shot. As with all other Magpul products I have purchased, I am impressed. This is a very comfortable forend grip. It just feels natural, like you have a positive grip and more control. These O.D. green looks mean mounted to the black MI Omega rail! I also got the Magpul Miad grip. They work well paired together.


The Grip Pod is a great foregrip.

The Grip Pod is a great foregrip. The legs hold up to much more abuse than I expected. I can lean into the rifle with the feet of the legs against a solid ledge, so the legs bend without any issues what so ever. I've tried to break the legs leaning into them, and they refuse to die.


The Grip Pod is very sturdy and solidly built

My thing is, if I'm going to spend money on a rifle and optics. I'm not going to just lay it on the ground like fruit fallen from a tree. After shooting at the range, I pop out the Grip Pod and let it cool down while I shoot my pistols. All I need now is get a Yoga mat and take it to the rifle range so I can lay in the prone position while taking those 100-yard shots. I put the Grip Pod Light Rail Ambidextrous Side Rail Mount on (which is easy to attach), so there's no need for remote switches for flashlights or lasers. Very sturdy and solidly built.


Magpul MVG Provides great utility

The Magpul MVG was easy to install and truly enhances the weapon. Great for shooting off-hand and provides a fair support point for bench shooting. It continues to serve!


Mmagpul MVG Vertical Foregrip

Fantastic AR foregrip; it's Magpul, what else would you expect? The Magpul MVG is Lightweight, perfect size (I have larger hands, and it still works well, but it's also compact enough that someone with smaller hands could use it and it doesn't get in the way). It helps quite a bit with rapid target acquisition and muzzle control under high rates of fire. Highly recommended!

Machine Gun Matt

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