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Angled Foregrip / AFG | ON SALE

Angled Foregrip / AFG | ON SALE

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Elevate Your AR Experience with Angled Foregrips (AFG)

For firearm enthusiasts, the right accessories can make all the difference. At, we specialize in Angled Foregrips (AFG) that enhance your AR shooting prowess. Dive into the world of AFGs and discover how they can redefine your shooting experience.

The Power of Angled Foregrips (AFG)

Why are AFGs becoming the go-to choice for AR rifle users?

  1. Superior Weapon Control: AFGs promote a natural wrist angle, reducing fatigue and ensuring effortless weapon maneuverability.
  2. Stability Boost: Achieve pinpoint accuracy even during rapid-fire, thanks to the enhanced stability offered by AFGs.
  3. Recoil Reduction: The innovative design of AFGs helps in dampening recoil, ensuring you stay on target with ease.

Discover Our AFG Collection at

  • Polymer Angled Foregrips: Perfect for those prioritizing a lightweight yet durable grip.
  • Aluminum Angled Foregrips: Crafted from premium aluminum, ensuring longevity and a steadfast grip.
  • Adjustable Angled Foregrips: Tailor the grip angle to your preference, ensuring a personalized shooting experience.

Popular Angled Foregrips Spotlight:

  1. Magpul AFG 2 - A slimline design that is shorter in overall length and width compared to the original AFG
  2. Magpul AFG1 - Three-piece design and is extremely easy to adapt onto a Piccatiny 1913 rail
  3. Magpul M Lok AFG - direct-attach M-LOK mounting system with minimalist construction
  4. Timber Creek Mini Angled Foregrip- allows you to control your muzzle when rapidly moving from target to target.

Real Users, Real Feedback:

Better feel and control

I use this Magpul AFG2 angled grip just in front of the magazine and I use a vertical grip with a bipod extension and flashlight attached to the side. I have both an angled grip and a vertical grip on quick releases so I can make tactical changes quickly. I like the angled grip for better control of the weapon when clearing a building. However, what I like most is that it feels comfortable in my hand. With a veritable grip in tense situations, I could feel myself over gripping, and that would lead to tense, jerky movements of the rifle when it came time to fire. I now have them on all my PP 15 and 10 rifles. If homeland security can call an AR Personal Protection, so can I.


Great ergonomic rifle modification

The Magpul AFG-2 is a Great Angled Foregrips. It helps you keep your rifle tight in on your shoulder while keeping your wrist in a more natural position. Also allows more clearance for mag changes on the AK platform over a vertical grip, which is vast. I wish the texture were a little more aggressive, but it's acceptable out of the box. I recommend to anyone with the rail spce to attach it.


Great Angled Foregrip and Magpul quality

I've had several of these Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrips on various guns, from AR 15's to shotguns. They are a perfect place to get a positive grip on your firearm and steady your rifle. As with all Magpul products, it's super high quality and easy to install. I recommend a 5" rail or 5.5" rail, or even better Magpul makes an adapter just for the AFG2; that's what I use. I would recommend this to anyone.

Not just another 'tacti-cool' product

This is not just another MagPul 'tacti-cool' product, as I see so many people in blogs say. At first, I wasn't happy about the Magpul AFG because I wanted to place it near the mag well. That turned out to be very uncomfortable. A friend of mine felt the same way I did about the grip. So I decided to move it forward on my carbine length KAC RAS to where the screw in the Angled Foregrip is located to the first slot of the rail (B28). I found this configuration very comfortable, as did my friend, and we found that in the forward placement, the Magpul AFG helps very much to relieve tension in the forward wrist. If you buy this product, try every placement before you give up on it. I now like this grip and recommend it to my friends.


Seems well made and very solid

Like all MagPul equipment, the AFG seems well made and very solid. Do I like it better than a vertical grip? That's what is sort of interesting. My first impression was clearly "no, I like a vert grip better." (and I have a vert grip on my other AR) However, the more I switch back and forth between the AFG and a regular vert grip, the more the AFG grows on me. This might be the case for me because I use a regular vert grip with a "thumb break" method, which in a way, provides an angled grip, as it moves your thumb farther down the rail and tilts your hand forward. The Magpul Angled Foregrip, in a sense, takes the same idea "all the way." That being said, I THINK I would like the AFG better if the angled portion was "angled" just a bit more away from the rail. Still, an interesting product that is worth a try.


Best Foregrip

The Angled Foregrip seems to help reduce arm fatigue and support the rifle balance better to me. Never been a fan of the classic vertical grips, they always feel awkward to me, but the angled grip is a perfect balance and the Magpul AFG is the best one I've found; very Comfortable and lightweight but gives you enough plastic to grab on to and protects your hand from a hot hand guard. Best foregrip you can get for the money


Could be improved but works fairly well.

I just purchased three of this magpul mlok Angled Foregrips in various colors, and they are typical Magpul quality. However, I also have used their AFG2 grips, and there is a distinct difference between them. The AFG2 is longer and has a better feel in the hands if your hands are larger. The AFG is the same angle and comfort but smaller, so it doesn't fit the larger hands either.


Good quality and price but made for bigger hands

The quality of this Angled Foregrip is very good, as are most Magpul products. It adds girth to the hand guard, making it difficult to get a c clamp grip on my AR-15. It was also challenging to get my thumb to work the light switch on the top no matter how I repositioned the switch and formed. I wear a medium glove for perspective. If you have bigger hands, it works well.


Best forearm grip I've ever used!

This FAB pointing Angled Foregrip fits the shooting position perfectly. Aiming and target acquisition seem faster and better than without the grip. I put mine on a Keltec cmr-30 and it fits the rifle like it was made for it. The grip is small in size but yet perfectly sized not to overpower the looks and feel of the rifle. It's a great advantage to my rifle and I'm glad I bought it.


It's a good

It's a good angled grip, its rubberized grooves feel great on your hands, and in combination with the fab defense thumb grip you can grip it just as well as a vertical grip. Only complaint I have about it is it's initial fitting but with enough back and forward, you can get it where you want it.


FAB Defense PTK is my favorite Angled foregrip

I love the way this fits my hand. I suggest buying the set with the thumb support. I like that combination very much. It is sold separately or as a set. FAB is a little underrated un my opinion.


I would buy this product again.

I put the magpul angled foregrip m-lok on my patrol rifle before heading to a rifle instructor course. So far it has given me the proper index to shot better than I have before. Still waiting to see if I make the rifle instructor qualification, but the product has done it's job.


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