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AK-47 Cleaning Kit

AK-47 Cleaning Kit

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In order for you to have the best experience in this category of choosing the right cleaning kit and items for the cleaning and maintenance of your AK 47, Mounting Solutions Plus stocks a line of products ideal for your needs.

As you probably already know the AK does not have a long recoil spring tube from its rear end, that space holds a compartment instead to hold your cleaning kit. A tube with a spring at the end and a trapdoor at its mouth, it can hold a cylindrical cleaning kit tube. The spring inside will push it up against the trapdoor when shut and keep it in its place.

While buying your cleaning kit, do consider your weapon’s cleaning needs. For instance besides the overall cleaning accessories such as the T handle, rod sections, patch tips, bore brush, chamber brush, patches, oiler bottles, the AK 47 needs clean chamber lugs to function properly.