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Armorer's Wrench | ON SALE

Armorer's Wrench | ON SALE

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Choosing the right Armorers Wrench

When most people purchase their AR-15, they are buying it ready to go. Those of us that go with a kit or bare-bones unit will build it up from there, or we can decide to change something out as well after using it for a while. When doing an AR-15 build or modification, it is always best to have the proper armorer’s tools available. You want a dependable and safe AR tool while working on your firearm.

An AR-15 armorer’s wrench is made specifically for the AR-15 and serves a specific function. It can be used on the buffer tube castle nut, barrel nut, free-float handguard or a muzzle device. Some wrenches are designed for a single purpose, but many are multi-functional and will work for a wide variety of tasks.

What should you look for when selecting the appropriate armorers wrench?

The cost would be one factor. The less expensive wrenches are generally single purpose or of poor quality. The more costly wrenches usually are of better quality and are designed for multiple tasks.

Quality would be another consideration. It should be suitable and sized for the work and designed to take on tougher jobs. If it can’t take the pressure, you could end up damaging the tool, your firearm, or yourself.

When you have completed your build or modification, you need to be able to store it easily. The design of the tool should allow it to fit in your toolbox or storage container.

Finally, safety is a significant factor. As mentioned earlier, a poor-quality wrench can get damaged during use or damage your firearm or you. Make sure it is ergonomically designed where it will not lead to any injuries or discomfort to yourself.

Wrenches can lead to marks or scuffs on the metal or powder coating of the gun. Make sure you choose an appropriate wrench for the job that fits the need.

Popular Armorer's Wrench for sale at MSP:

  1. NcStar Armorers Wrench - design for serving or updating your AR-15 in a single tool.
  2. Aim Sports Armorers Wrench - designed with durability and functionality in mind
  3. Magpul Armorer's Wrench - solid steel construction with grip-enhancing phosphate finish engages both stock and pin-style barrel nuts.
  4. NcStar 2nd Generation AR Combo Armorer's Wrench Tool - packed with the tools that AR-15 tinkerers need

What people are saying about these Armorers Wrenchs:

Tapco armorers wrench does Everything Promised

I have no issues with this Tapco armorers wrench. It has put on barrel nuts, castle nuts, and flash suppressors without failing. It is thick, heavy, and large. It has a soft, green coating that can come off on your parts, but it just as quickly comes off whatever it ended upon. I haven't had a chance to test the bottle opener as I have twist offs.


Very tough AR tool

A well-designed tool for AR builds. If used properly, you will not scratch your parts. Love the beer opener that is included.


Tapco Multi-Tool

I received this Armorers Wrench most promptly, delighted with shipping. This AR tool is very well constructed and FEELS like a tool. The first use was that of removing a castle nut. Tolerance was tight, and to spec with both the three-prong and the spanner, as the coating wears off, it may change to some degree, but I don't foresee it being a problem. I give this product five stars and would recommend it if you are looking for a tool of this sort.


AR15 Combo Wrench.

Excellent armorers wrench!! A regular, "Swiss Army Knife" of wrenches. It was exactly what I thought it would be. My son worked with AR's and was impressed with the wrench as well. I'm going to build a second AR. If I build one piece by piece, the wrench will come in handy.


Worked great

I bought this Ncstar armorers wrench to install my DPMS AR-15 muzzle brake and install my free-floating handguard. Helped me remove my muzzle brake and my barrel nut. Heavy steel and should last a while. This, in combination with the polymer upper vise block holder, made the job easy.


AR15?M4 Combo Wrench Tool

I have multiple AR's and M4's, and this Aim Sports armorers wrench is doing the task I was expecting and has yet to disappoint. From day one, I have used this tool and yet to find fault; it continues to provide ease of use and is extremely useful for so many tasks when addressing AR's and M4's issues.


Well made wrench

Very heavy and well made. Works great! This Armorers Wrench changed my life! For real. Well, not for real, but they won't let you submit a comment with less than two hundred characters. There is only so much you can say about a wrench. It's either good or bad. It can be summed up in one word.


Magpul armorer's wrench - AAA rating

Just switched a free float quad to a troy alpha rail with this Magpul wrench. Flash hider came off without a hitch. Perfect fit. Used the tiny hammers to punch the gas block pins. They were so tight the wrench did not have enough oomph. So I used a big old 16 oz persuader, and that did the trick. As for switching out the barrel nuts, the spanner wrench side had a perfect lock up, and the wrench had just barely enough length to break them nut-free. If I needed more, it's nice to know a standard breaker bar could be added to the 1/2" socket. The Troy standard nut fit the sprocket side of the wrench perfectly also. With the torque wrench at 90 degrees, it needed a two-handed tightening technique for me. One hand on each wrench. But never made the Magpul wrench slip or skip. No scratches and no busted knuckles. The total time was about 15 minutes, and most of that was spent on those dang gas block pins. All-in-all, this wrench was flawless. Now for a bottle cap... or two.


Good Armorers Wrench

I received my Magpul armorer's wrench quickly after I ordered it. I have not owned other basic armorer's wrenches before, but compared to my regular wrench set, this is clearly of a higher quality. The heft of the wrench in the hand is substantial without being out of balance. I used the Magpul wrench as a hammer for the punches when building my AR-15 rather than go to the garage and get a real stick. The butt of my punches is steel, but they didn't leave a single mark on my Magpul wrench. Obviously working the castle but and everything else was a breeze. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use them can opener feature yet because I wanted to shoot my AR right away.


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