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Armorer's Wrench

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When most people purchase their AR-15, they are buying it ready to go. Those of us that go with a kit or bare-bones unit will build it up from there, or we can decide to change something out as well after using it for a while. When doing an AR-15 build or modification, it is always best to have the proper armorer’s tools available. You want a dependable and safe AR tool while working on your firearm.

An AR-15 armorer’s wrench is made specifically for the AR-15 and serves a specific function. It can be used on the buffer tube castle nut, barrel nut, free-float handguard or a muzzle device. Some wrenches are designed for a single purpose, but many are multi-functional and will work for a wide variety of tasks.

What should you look for when selecting the appropriate armorer’s wrench?

The cost would be one factor. The less expensive wrenches are generally single purpose or of poor quality. The more costly wrenches usually are of better quality and are designed for multiple tasks.

Quality would be another consideration. It should be suitable and sized for the work and designed to take on tougher jobs. If it can’t take the pressure, you could end up damaging the tool, your firearm, or yourself.

When you have completed your build or modification, you need to be able to store it easily. The design of the tool should allow it to fit in your toolbox or storage container.

Finally, safety is a significant factor. As mentioned earlier, a poor-quality wrench can get damaged during use or damage your firearm or you. Make sure it is ergonomically designed where it will not lead to any injuries or discomfort to yourself.

Wrenches can lead to marks or scuffs on the metal or powder coating of the gun. Make sure you choose an appropriate wrench for the job that fits the need.