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Magpul: The Gold Standard in Firearms Accessories

Welcome to Mounts Plus, the ultimate destination for genuine Magpul gear. Recognized for its innovation, resilience, and precision, Magpul is the go-to brand for firearm enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Explore the Magpul Universe

Whether you're at the shooting range or in the field, Magpul products are crafted to amplify your tactical and shooting experience. Our comprehensive Magpul inventory includes:

  • Magpul Stocks: Enhance stability and improve accuracy with our ergonomic designs.
  • Magpul Grips: Get a firm hold and better control with Magpul's range of grips tailored for different firearms.
  • Magpul Slings: Superior strength and rugged dependability for every tactical situation.
  • Magpul Accessories: From the BAD Lever to the Bev Block, explore tools that elevate your firearm experience.

Why Magpul Stands Out:

  • Innovation at its Core: Magpul is not just about ideas; it's about transforming groundbreaking concepts into tangible products that redefine industry standards.
  • Simplicity is Key: While many brands chase intricate designs, Magpul understands that simplicity and functionality are the cornerstones of any effective weapon accessory. Their designs are user-centric, not driven by profit margins.
  • Learning Curve: Magpul's approach to failures is unique. Instead of shying away, they embrace, learn, and iterate, ensuring that every product is a testament to their journey and commitment.
  • Anticipating Needs: Magpul doesn't just respond to market demands; it anticipates them. They craft solutions for real-world challenges, often before users even recognize the need.
  • Mission-Driven Design: Every Magpul product is tailored for a specific purpose. This ensures optimal cost, efficiency, and functionality, making each item perfect for its intended role.
  • Pioneering Spirit: In a world where average doesn't cut it, Magpul consistently pushes boundaries, ensuring that each release is both innovative and practical.
  • Transparent Pricing: Magpul's pricing reflects genuine manufacturing and design costs, ensuring that customers get value for every dollar spent.

The Magpul Promise

Investing in Magpul means more than just acquiring a product; it's about being part of a legacy of quality, innovation, and trust. Their offerings remain at the pinnacle of industry advancements, ensuring users access to the latest solutions.

Opting for Magpul signifies a dedication to unparalleled quality. Beyond the brand, it's about unwavering confidence in a product's performance. From marines to tactical aficionados, Magpul's reputation for dependability is second to none.

In the fiercely competitive market, Magpul consistently stands out, not by aggressive marketing but through its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Their products resonate with both contractors and individual consumers.

Experience the Magpul edge. Explore our vast Magpul assortment and witness the perfect blend of design, utility, and innovation.

Popular Magpul Products: 

  • Magpul Foregrip: Helps mitigate recoil and control the weapon.
    • Magpul AFG - (Angled Fore Grip) takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control. 
    • Magpul AFG2 - Slim line design that is shorter in overall length and width than the original AFG.
  • Magpul Shotgun Stock - Magpul design on a classic American shotgun.
  • Magpul Bad Lever - (Battery Assist Device) Lever quickly addresses reloading and malfunction clearance shortcomings of AR15/M16 platforms by extending a paddle to the right side of the weapon manipulation of the bolt stop from the fire control / ready position with the right-hand trigger finger.
  • Magpul AK Handguard - Replacement for standard AK pattern rifles without a front sling loop on the handguard retainer. 
  • Magpul Armorer's Wrench - works with a 1/2" torque wrench, and relevant torque specifications are included on the tool for quick reference
  • Magpul Bipod - Three different Magpul's new bipod models based on how they attach to the rifle, with M-LOK, 1913 Picatinny Rail, and ARMS 17S as options.
  • Magpul Sling: Provide confident control and retention for your weapon system. Whatever your tactical need, A MAGPUL Sling gives you superior strength and rugged dependability in any circumstances.
  • Magpul Stock: The best Stock can help you handle recoil, make that long-range shot, or even enable you to outfit your AR-15 rifle to your body type. 
    • Magpul PRS2: G3 Model is a drop-in, precision-adjustable butt stock especially designed for the HK G3 / 91 rifle and its variants. 
    • Magpul x22 Backpacker - Takes the function of our full-sized Hunter X-22 Takedown and pares it down for ease of storage and transportation. 
    • Magpul SL-K - A drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M4 Mil-Spec carbine buffer tubes, the SL-K is designed for compact PDW style weapons or users desiring a small and light stock.
    • Magpul UBR - an adjustable stock for AR15/M4 and AR10/SR25 platforms, designed to offer similar strength and stability as a fixed stock with a consistent and comfortable cheek weld in any position.
    • Magpul SL Stock - a Slim Line drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M4 carbines using Mil-Spec sized receiver extension tubes.
    • Magpul MOE Stock- (Magpul Original Equipment) is a drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M16 carbines using Mil-Spec sized receiver extension tubes. 
    • Magpul CTR stock - Mil-Spec model is a drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15 / M16 carbines using Mil-Spec sized receiver extension tubes.
    • Magpul Zhukov stock - a no-compromise folding stock for the modern AK.
  • Magpul MOE Handguard - (Magpul Original Equipment) for AR15/M4 firearms with carbine-length gas systems combines the lightweight of a standard Handguard with modular flexibility.
  • Magpul MBUS PRO: Pro is a corrosion-resistant all-steel back-up sighting solution that delivers maximum functionality and strength with minimum bulk at a price that's even smaller than its size.
  • Magpul ASAP - allows a range of motion greater than 180 degrees, enabling true ambidextrous weapon manipulation for both left and right-handed shooters.