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Choosing your Magpul Product

Named after its signature product the Magpul, this company has succeeded in creating efficiently designed devices to aid the operator in reloading magazines under stressful circumstances. They are always proud of its achievements, because of the high standards the company demands of its designer's products.

While many companies focus on creating a complicating and eye-catching product, Magpul doesn't forget that it is efficiency and simplicity which are essential features of a useful weapon accessory.

Every product goes through rigorous testing and has to stand up to the following demands:

Groundbreaking ideas. Ideas might be worth nothing unless they come to fruition, but they have succeeded spectacularly in creating new ideas and turning them into reality.

Simplicity and practicality above all. Designers aren't allowed to overcomplicate things when the complication isn't needed. Often companies will complicate a design with the sole purpose of raising its price, but not Magpul. In this business, efficiency is not sacrificed for profit. Every device is created with the user in mind and not the price tag.

Learn from failures. Whenever a project fails for any number of reasons this is used to create even better, sturdier devices. They learn and thrive on its mistakes, instead of hiding and forgetting them. This way you can be sure that your device will have been tested most rigorously and without bias.

Build for need, not demand. Magul focuses on the usefulness of its designs. Operators don't always have a bright idea of what they genuinely need since they are not designers. This is where Magpul steps in and turns the needs of the weapon operator into reality. They will create what you need before you know you even need it.

Specific design. Every single creation has to be made for the particular mission. This way cost, efficiency, and design are decided upon with stringent guidelines so that each product is ideal for the job it is supposed to do.

Always innovative. In today's market, the average product isn't worth a thing anymore. Magpul tries to surpass itself with every new design, offering something exciting and useful, whenever the market thirsts for it.

Exact profit. Prices its products according to manufacturing and design costs. This way there are cheap and expensive items to choose from, and you know that what you pay is what you get.

You know that when you buy a Magpul product, you buy quality and superior design. Its products come to the market when the ideas are still fresh, so you know you are getting something innovative and unique. People who choose Magpul don't do so because of the name. Any marine will see the importance of right, reliable equipment, and people come back to Magpul because its products are exactly that. Never creating anything beneath its strict standards, so people can rely on the label and trust their purchase's worth.

Magpul gets a lot of attention on the market, and it shows because the products are so innovative and useful that the company always draws more than its fair share of contractors and buyers. They have no interest in straight fights. It is a company made to create the best and to offer a clear advantage to anyone using its labeled products. Like in actual battle situations, on the market, the one who is best-prepared wins and they are always prepared to win over any customer's preferences. Check out the extensive list of Magpul devices on our site and see for yourself!