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Magpul MBUS

Magpul MBUS

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Magpul MBUS Sights

Unless you are practicing on a shooting range, you know that correct aiming might make the difference between life and death. Superior sight usually means excellent aiming and accuracy. This is why Magpul has created the MBUS sight products.

These little AR-15 sights can be easily adjusted onto your common 1913 Picatinny rail, having the typical height-over-bore of your standard A2 irons. This backup Magpul sight is created by color injection molding, and is meager price, while still retaining the quality of the Magpul name.
The sight can be easily windage-adjusted with the detent knob. The sights flip open from whatever side you handle them, making them ideal for both left and right-handed operators, and can even be opened by pressing on the top.

The light polymer material adds little weight to the weapon while being durable enough to withstand the typical operational abuse. Protective wings keep the dual flip apertures shielded from any damage. There are two choices either for the rear or the front of the gun, depending on the operator's needs and the other accessories used.

It is especially compatible with the AR15/M16/M4 rifles and comes in four different colors: dark earth, foliage green, black, and olive drab. Choose the one you like best and order your Magpul MBUS backup sight now.

What People are saying about the Magpul MBUS

Great Backup Sights at a Great Price!

I've had the Magpul MBUS sights before on another rifle. I love the lightweight and durable material they are made from. Magpul always puts out a great product. Easy to install and easy to use. Once they are sited in, they are accurate no matter how hard you are on the rifle. Nice to have both front and rear sights out of the way while I'm using my Red Dot and have them flip up at a moment's notice to co-witness with the red dot if I need to!!


Great buis sights

These are a great back up sights for the price. I have these on most of my AR-15s. I like that they are very rugged for polymer sights, and they are better than some of the metal back up sights I have used.


Not for use on Gasblocks

This Magpul Sights are very well designed and built back up sight. It tucks down flat and pops up when needed. I did not realize it should not be used on a gas block until after I opened the package and read the fine print. Looked at other online reviews, and some said they have the potential of melting due to the heat generated. I ended up obtaining a metal LMT sight for the front. Other than that, it seems like a great item. Just not for my set up.

Magpul Buis are Solid Performer

Buy the Magpul Mbus set out of the gate: simple installation and reliable functioning. Front Back set is very intuitive and functions flawlessly. Well worth the price. Consider ordering off-color add ons to add a bit more style to your AR.


No filibuster here...

So what I say about the Magpul mbus isn't going to be anything new. I'm honestly not expecting to add anything or reveal some weird perspective that hasn't been thought of before about this or the Magpul Rear Mbus. So why am I writing? Well, boredom mostly. Anyone looking to build their first AR, "Pistol" or whatever will likely be told to have backup sights on their rails. And why shouldn't they? It's a good practice to have them in case your optics take a dump or they don't want to shell out the extra cash. Or maybe they just want to get better with irons. Whatever the reason, shooters want backup sights, and these are often where they turn to.

And why shouldn't they? As these are made of polymer, they're very light, but they're also well-made, so they're also very sturdy, and as a result, they hold their zero very well. These are also pretty cheap and not to drop names here. A lot of sites sell these for around $40-50, with the set going for upwards of $80-90. I've found them on here for as little as $60. Some folks are concerned these would melt if mounted close to the gas block or something. While not unwarranted, I haven't had any issues with that happening. I've had one installed almost on top of a gas block, a Superlative Arms adjustable piston block, and if anything slightly in front of it. The way the SA blocks are designed, they vent off excess gases and carbon and heat as a result. I haven't put a thermometer and run tests on it or anything, but aside from some minor carbon buildup, or more like dusting, I haven't had any problems resembling melting or disfiguring on it. So considering I've had it mounted effectively in the blast zone, I'd say you're pretty safe. But it's also got a handguard between it and the gas block. Now, if it were mounted on one of those gas blocks that have a rail right on it, then I'd be a little more concerned. Otherwise, as long as you have it mounted on a handguard not directly on the gas block, I think you'll be okay.

As for adjustments and zeroes. These come with their adjustment tool from Magpul, and as I've adjusted more than one set of MBUS's, I can say that sometimes they move with a satisfying click, other times you have to keep an eye on it lest you leave it halfway between clicks. The inconsistency is a little annoying, but as long as you're paying attention to what you're doing, it's whatever. I mean, it's a standard front sight post and behaves like one in that respect. Also, the tool doesn't work on standard AR front sight posts, too full.

Now I will say I've found a couple of issues with these. I feel they're a bit minor but do need to be addressed. You need to be a little careful with popping them up. If your handguard is narrow enough, like say a BCM, you can reach around and grasp the two notches on either side to unlock it, so the sight springs up. Another way you can do it is to press down on top of it, at least that's what I think the textured depression on top is for. As satisfying as it is to watch and hear it snap up, it can come with a little bit if you use the second method. I've had pinches and blood blisters on my thumb more than once because of it. Even wearing gloves, you'll likely get the material caught and torn up. Another issue is that these do take up a bit more real-estate as compared to other irons out there. I think it's a bit of a tradeoff with the polymer construction because I feel any less material would risk its sturdiness. It borders a little on clunky, but I don't think it takes away from it aesthetically, certainly not in terms of function.

Overall, these are a pretty good option for backup irons/polymers. They're cheap, functional, lightweight, and sturdy. They're not likely to snap off, and the edges are as rounded as a sight post can be to mitigate snagging. I mean, it's more likely to snag than say a standard M4/M16 style front sight post, so there's that. For the few that don't have a Picatinny rail to mount these on, sucks to suck, but then I think in a situation like that, what kind of equipment is it that it needs backup AR-15 sights and doesn't have rails on it? Iron sights, at least I think, tend to get overshadowed by optics. Yes, it's cool that the age we live in has all manner of optics. Red dots Sights, holographic sights, variables, magnified, scopes, etc. So often, when people get their first rifle or their first build, they neglect iron sights, whether they don't train on them or don't bother even to mount them. I think it's a good practice to have them. Drilling with irons helps you develop a more consistent sight picture, which in turn makes you a better shooter. I mean, ACOGs aren't indestructible, and maybe you've forgotten you passed the 5-year mark to change out the batteries on your AimPoint. Whatever the case is, it's good to have irons, and Magpul's MBUS is an excellent place to start.

Angry Little Man

Great affordable Buis !

Ordered this Buis and the mate for the front for my S&W ar10 M&P. Great sites, spot-on at 25 yards and 100 yards. The ambidextrous feature is nice. Excellent firm flips up, and spring has gentle tension to it. Sits on rail unique, feels sturdy, no play, windage adjustment stays where you set it. Will serve nicely as primary AR-15 sights will I save up for an excellent scope :) Highly recommended!


Magpul MBUS rear sight

I love the MBUS sights. I have them on three of my AR15's now. They are sturdy, durable, relatively inexpensive, and do what they are supposed to do. Just today, I went to the range to sight in an AR with both Magpul front and rear MBUS sights. Took me all of 10 shots to get these sighted in, and I was shooting around one moa at 50 yards. Not bad for a flip-up back up AR-15 sights. I highly recommend these and use them on all my builds.


Gets the Job Done

Some People will say this Magpul Mbus is inferior because it is not metal. Still, if you have another reliable primary optic, then you would rarely use this backup sight anyway, and I would much rather have this backup sight than no sight. Also, I feel that there are enough polymer products out there that have shown that polymer is a durable material. These are my personal opinions.