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Magpul Grip – A Game Changer for Comfort and Control in Shooting

Introducing the Magpul Grip, an ergonomic and high-quality accessory that can transform your shooting experience. This top-of-the-line grip has been designed with comfort, control, and performance in mind, ensuring that you can maximize your firearm's potential. In this guide, we'll delve into the key features, benefits, and compatibility of the Magpul Grip, and explain why it's a must-have for shooters looking to up their game.

Why Choose the Magpul Grip for Your Firearm

The Magpul Grip stands out as a top choice for firearm enthusiasts due to its impressive combination of comfort, control, and durability. Here are some key reasons why the Magpul Grip is a popular choice among shooters:

  1. Ergonomic design: The Magpul Grip features an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for better control and accuracy during shooting.
  2. Enhanced texture: The grip's textured surface ensures a non-slip grip, even in wet or challenging conditions, providing you with reliable performance when it matters most.
  3. Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the Magpul Grip is designed to withstand the test of time and endure the rigors of regular use.
  4. Compatibility: The Magpul Grip is compatible with a wide range of firearms, making it a versatile accessory that can enhance any shooter's collection.

Installing Your Magpul Grip

Installing the Magpul Grip on your firearm is a simple process that can be completed with minimal tools and time. Follow these easy steps to upgrade your firearm with a Magpul Grip:

  1. First, ensure your firearm is unloaded and cleared for safety.
  2. Remove the existing grip from your firearm according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Align the Magpul Grip with the grip mounting point on your firearm, making sure it fits securely.
  4. Use the provided hardware to attach the Magpul Grip to your firearm, tightening it firmly into place.
  5. Once the grip is securely attached, test your firearm's fit and function to ensure proper installation.

Experience the Magpul Grip Difference

The Magpul Grip is an exceptional investment for shooters looking to improve their shooting experience with enhanced comfort and control. Its ergonomic design, textured surface, durability, and compatibility make it an ideal choice for a wide range of firearms. Upgrade your gear with the Magpul Grip and experience the difference in comfort and control today.

In conclusion, the Magpul Grip is an outstanding accessory that offers a range of benefits for shooters. Its ergonomic design, enhanced texture, and durability make it a top choice for firearm enthusiasts. Upgrade your gear with the Magpul Grip and enjoy a more comfortable and controlled shooting experience.

What people are saying about these Magpul Grips:

The best AR Grip, period.

What more can be said? The Magpul moe grip solid is easy to install, comes with all the hardware necessary, plus has a grip plug to keep dirt and stuff out of the cavity. Other grip-plug accessories are available so that you can carry batteries or oil or other things. I have one Magpul Grip on literally every one of my rifles, except for one: it has the more vertical version. No, I don't have a Magpul tattoo, maybe thinking about it, however. If you love your rifle and want it to be solid and comfortable, get one of these!

Mr. Bear

Excellent product!

I love this Magpul grip! It not only makes my AR look better...It is way more comfortable than my stock grip. I did have to remove a very little bit of material to get it to go on my rifle (used a Dremel), but it just took five minutes, and I like that it's on nice and snug. I will continue to buy Magpul products!


A Must Have!

The Magpul RVG is the perfect vert grip. Not too long and not too short. The quality of its construction is built to last. I bought this because it allows you to utilize an angled thumb over bore C-grip that supersedes the standard C-grip. With this grip, your wrist and arm will not fatigue as fast as it would, using standard C-grip. Great ergonomics. Nice texture. Locks up very tight. Unlike what the picture shows, the screws it comes with are their newer hex/screwdriver.


Good AR Accessory

This is an excellent AR-15 grip. Magpul makes quality products. It was easy to attach and is sturdy. Excellent addition to any AR.


Excellent addition for comfort and control

I've never liked most of the "widgets" made for the AR15/M16, and I've been shooting that rifle since 1970, I never used them on my M4 Carbine overseas. However, I purchased a Keltec RDB recently and thought the Magpul afg2 would improve the holding of the rifle. I was correct, it has improved the angle of the hands contact with the forearm, it is big enough for my hands, and it does improve the grip of the hand while not being overly stressful. I think it also improves rapid target acquisition. While a little "spendy" for a hunk of plastic, it is an excellent addition to my rifle.

eb in Oregon

Great choice,

I was up in the air between this and the K grip for my 300 black SBR. I chose the Magpul moe+ grip as It was replacing a standard moe grip, and the k grip was just too small for my hands. Hands down, this thing feels better in my hand than the standard moe. I don't see why anyone would have problems with this at all. It is one of the least squishy rubber grips on the market, having very little rubber over a plastic base, it is the perfect feel. It is slightly tacky, so it grips well with gloves or just your hands. I just don't understand how someone could give this a bad review unless they worked for troy or one of the other grip makers. This Magpul grip will go on all of my AR-15s periods.


Nice AR grip

I installed the Magpul moe+ grip on a mega arms billet lower. The finish is nice and clean. The grip + has a better feel than the regular moe. The only issue that I have is that there are small gaps between the trigger guard and also in the rear. It still has an overall nice and tight fit. I will purchase another for my next build.

Eddie Hdez

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