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Magpul Foregrip / Magpul Forward Grip | ON SALE


Magpul Foregrip / Magpul Forward Grip | ON SALE

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About Magpul foregrips:

Are you in the market for a new foregrip for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle? Look no further than the Magpul Foregrip. This foregrip is designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold on your firearm, allowing for improved accuracy and control.

The Magpul Foregrip is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. It features a textured surface that provides a sure grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. The foregrip also has an ergonomic design that fits the natural shape of your hand, reducing fatigue and improving your overall shooting experience.

In addition to the standard foregrip, Magpul also offers a forward grip option for AR-style firearms. The Magpul Forward Grip is designed to provide the same level of comfort and control as the standard foregrip, but in a more compact design. This grip is ideal for shooters who prefer a more compact setup or for use on a short-barreled rifle.

When it comes to choosing the best foregrip for your AR-style firearm, the Magpul Foregrip and Forward Grip are hard to beat. These grips are durable, comfortable, and provide a secure hold on your firearm, allowing for improved accuracy and control. Whether you're a professional shooter or a weekend warrior, the Magpul Foregrip and Forward Grip are a great choice.


What people are saying about Magpul foregrips:

Magpul RVG Works well

Using this Magpul foregrip seems much more stable than the angled forend grip I replaced. The Magpul RVG is very sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable.

- Orrin

Quality foregrip

Mounted to a 4-inch M-Lok rail section on an ALG Defense rail. The Magpul foregrip fits nicely in my average-sized hand, with none of it sticking out below my palm.

- Olvera

Great foregrip

This Magpul foregrip is the perfect height and thickness and feels solid. It's lightweight and looks fantastic. I have two of them, and after a lot of use over the last five years, there have been no issues. This is a perfect grip and a phenomenal price.

- Nick

The Magpul foregrip accommodates my injury perfectly

I already liked the feel of these, but several years ago, I broke my left wrist. After surgery, it healed poorly. I have a limited range of motion. Using the Magpul AFG2 makes it much easier and painless to run a rifle correctly. I have them on my M-4, my SKS, and my new LR-308/.243

-  Mike

Nice add on

I bought this Magpul foregrip for my 10 yr old daughter to put on her M&P15-22 rifle. It's a nice addition to the quad rail. It makes for a more comfortable grip on the forend. Puts the hand in a more natural position. She likes it, and I like it.

- Doc Shot

Excellent AR forward grip

I had tried several stubbly vertical grips before this Magpul forward grip and all had issues...too short, too slick, too thin profile etc.. I use the thumbreak method and wanted a grip to use for that hold, and the Magpul is perfect for wrapping fingers around the front edge. The unit is oblong and works well as a broomstick if needed but its best attribute is its perfect length for wrapping four fingers in the thumbreak hold. Unit is tough and mounts solid and has excellent non slip texture and its shorter length does not hang on gear as my original full length vfg did. I mated the Magpul with the LaRue handstop on the 9 o'clock rail for perfection of repeat application of the thumbreak hold. Excellent product for an amazing price.


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