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MLok Foregrip / M Lok Vertical Grip

MLok Foregrip / M Lok Vertical Grip

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MLOK Vertical Grip & M Lok Forward Grip - Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Welcome to MountsPlus, your ultimate destination for the best MLOK Vertical Grips and M Lok Forward Grips. Our comprehensive range of grips is designed to offer improved handling, control, and comfort for a superior shooting experience.

Premium MLOK Vertical Grips

With a perfect blend of comfort and functionality, our MLOK Vertical Grips are second to none. They enhance your control and maneuverability, especially when engaging in rapid-fire situations. The superior grip texture provides a non-slip surface, improving your hold even under harsh weather conditions. Choose from our wide selection of MLOK Vertical Grips, and experience the difference in your shooting precision and speed.

Robust M Lok Forward Grips

Maximize your weapon's stability with our M Lok Forward Grips. They not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your firearm but also improve your accuracy by providing a steady hand placement area. Whether you're a professional shooter or a firearm enthusiast, our M Lok Forward Grips are a must-have addition to your equipment.

Why Choose Our MLOK Vertical Grip & M Lok Forward Grip?

Our MLOK Vertical Grips and M Lok Forward Grips are meticulously crafted, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance. Here at MountsPlus, we believe in providing you with the best.

  • Versatility: Our grips are compatible with a wide range of firearms, making them a versatile choice for various shooting scenarios.
  • Quality: We offer grips made from durable materials that can withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Comfort: Our MLOK Vertical Grips and M Lok Forward Grips are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and ease of use.
  • Improved Performance: With our grips, experience enhanced stability and control, leading to improved shooting accuracy and speed.

Explore our collection of MLOK Vertical Grips and M Lok Forward Grips today. Enhance your shooting performance, and enjoy a secure, comfortable grip with MountsPlus. Our commitment is to provide you with top-quality, reliable, and durable grips that cater to your unique shooting needs. Step up your game with MountsPlus!


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What people are saying about these Mlok Foregrips:

Great quality MLok Foregrip

Excellent Magpul quality, as always. I was looking for a smaller MLok Foregrip because most of them are the way to big and ugly. I see a lot of comments saying this grip is too small, but it's the perfect size for me, and I'm 6,1 with large hands. The only downside to the MLok Foregrip was getting the spacing right to install it but once it's on, it feels rock solid. I bought the grip a few years ago and finally put it on a new build. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting a slim profile grip.


Perfect fit on my Magpul handguard

I ordered this Magpul MLok Vertical Grip to try on my Ruger Ar556 after never using any sort of grip on the front of my rifle. After installing it I immediately noticed that it gave me a better grip and allowed better rifle retention. I will say it's slightly smaller than I expected, but I hold it at more of an angle halfway between the handguard and the grip itself, sort of like a C-grip as opposed to broomstick style grip. I have no complaints whatsoever; my brother and mother commented on how much they liked it. If you hold your vertical grip broomstick style, your pinky will probably hang off the bottom depending on your hand size. I'd recommend you try gripping as I do, you may find it more natural if you're used to shooting without a vertical grip or handstop.


Works perfectly!

I put this Magpul M Lok Foregrip on my upgraded Adams Arms AR-15, and I do a lot of target shooting, so I have a bipod installed most of the time. It was a bit tight with the bipod attached, but this fit great, and if I want to shoot while standing, it really is excellent stabilization, especially with the bipod attached. Feels comfortable and mounts SOLID! M LOK stuff is a bit tricky to install (the first time), but if you follow the directions properly, it works great. A very cheap accessory that makes a lot of difference. I wouldn't have an AR without one!


Works great

It's a simple, easy-to-install handle. It works as it should and holds nice and tight, with no wiggle. I have large hands, and it works for me. I wish it were just 1/2" more prolonged, but it works fine. I've had the longer MLok Foregrips before, and they always got hung up on things. Magpul always makes solid products.


Finally, a good Mlok Vertical Grip

The Samson Mlok Vertical Grip Locks up well, sits flush with the handguard, is rock solid, and, more importantly, has enough length that my hand feels comfortable on it. If you're looking for a good VFG and aren't happy with the length of something like a Magpul, take the word of a stranger over the internet and get this instead.


Solid shorty grip

Incredibly solid aluminum shorty Mlok vertical grip. It weights a lot and lacks any internal storage but is the most solidly built, battle-ready, vertical grip I’ve ever seen. I wish the shorty model had a knurled finish like the medium and long versions but I still consider it the most durable, simple, and attractive vertical grip made.


Looks and feel awesome once installed. l

The MLok Foregrip really adds the finishing touch to a pistol build. I do have to say that the directions are a bit useless, and man if you smoke, have a cigarette before the installation. You’ll need patience. I wish I had someone’s aforementioned 16 year old granddaughter to install mine. It was an aggravating hour trying to get the lock nut clearance correct. I was “cussing” you all - but then finally got to the right adjustment to lock it down... nuff said. It looks and feels amazing!


Just the thing for pistols

I like the simplicity of this M Lok Foregrip , and it is short, but effective for long guns, but is legal on those AR Pistols. It feels nice, works great and i doubt if I can break it, my 16 yr old granddaughter installed it without problems, just get the nuts started well first.


This M Lok Foregrip is great!

I like the Timber Creek M Lok foregrip.. love the look and it's sturdy when mounted (it took me forever). It's light weight but sturdy. It was easy to attach to my rifle. Can't wait to take it to the range. It was a great buy. I will probably buy another one for my next rifle in the near future.


Bought Timber Creek MLok verticl grip to match the pistol grip I purchased

I love this MLok foregrip! Fully CNC machined, no sharp edges. I love that it matches exactly the pistol grip I purchased! Installs in under a minute and all you need is a 3/32 t handle Allen wrench! I am a machinist and really appreciate how nice this handle is!


Magpul M-Lok

I see guys on line doing video's for installing M-Lok items...Its super simple,adjust the screws like the instructions say...add a touch of blue lok-tight and tighten 15 foot pounds. Or remove the handguards and follow the instructions. This M lok grip is a little shorter than the Magpul non MOE...will leave your pinky finger wanting more room. But will do the job and will tighten down so well when you hit the ground, it will stay in place.*"*Plus the FACT standarf Magpul gear will not work on a weapon with Magpul MOE M-Lok slots... The M-LoK slots on hand guards are bigger and wider than standard Magpul hand guards...FYI


Well made and priced right

Magpul has figured out plastics and polymers. The Vertical Mlok grip is well made, and the perfect size for a vertical grip, not quite as long as the older KAC and similar grips. It is easy to install, the MLOK T nuts fit perfectly in a Magpul Zhukov handguard. No drama. They do not include an Allen key and you will need a long one to reach the screws. Sometimes I mod them before installation so I can just use a flathead. But it is solid, well made, and works on the Geissele, Remington ACR, Midwest Industries, and Magpul MOE handguards I tested it with. This is my third or fourth Vert grip from Magpul.


Feels Good, Looks good!

I never thought I would like a vertical foregrip until I used it. The same Magpul quality everyone is used to goes into this M lok grip and a direct mounts to the hand guard avoids the need for a picatinny rail and insures that you can mount it anywhere on the hand guard. Yes it takes a few minutes extra to line up the M-Lok nuts if you don't want to remove the handguard to install this grip but that has nothing to do with the form and function of the grip. It's only about 3 1/8" long and I thought it would be too small for my XXL hands but no, this size works and it works well, especially on the short barrel and pistol ARs. I build AR's as a fun hobby, and last year, I made over a dozen AR's from pistol to rifle length. The main reason I started to use this grip was that my hand was getting a bit sore grabbing the quad rail hand guard that I favored because of its aggressive appearance and functionality... but hey, that's another review:). The only possible Con I can see is that the price might seem a bit too salty for a small piece of molded plastic, but that's where form and function takes over and makes the purchase all worth while. The best review I can give for this vertical grip is that I immediately reordered a few more, and it's made its way onto my "Extreme Holiday Sales" list. You know, the few times a year when all the gun parts retailers advertise their best sale discounts and free shipping. That's when I'll buy a bunch of them to keep in inventory for future builds. Happy Shooting Boys and Girls!


Great M-lok Grip, needs long Allen wrench

Good, lightweight M lok grip that will keep the balance on your long gun the same. Better than using a picatinny-based grip with a short Picatinny rail mounted to an M LOK slot, as there's no "gap" to potentially pinch a finger on a high grip during recoil. Note that a standard Allen key will not be long enough to reach the mounting screws from the bottom of the hollow grip. I had to buy a separate set of long Allen keys to mount this. For the price, I do think Magpul should include a long Allen key along with the grip and mounting screws.


Great piece

Picked up one of these m lok vertical grip for a rifle of mine a couple years ago. You can’t go wrong with just a regular vertical grip like this one. Even if you change your mind you can cut it down and use it just like a hand stop that way you don’t have a bunch of extra sticking out the bottom that you’re not using. Not a whole lot can go wrong with these and nothing has gone wrong. The mounting is very secure and I would recommend these. 


Good, If Limited, Option

The M-LOK system allows for tighter drop-in handguards by letting you add or remove accessories without removing the guard. The system involves pairing screws with rectangular lock nuts set to a precise height (often found through trial and error) and inserting the complete assembly into the mounting slots. The two screws may share the same slot or bridge adjacent ones, offering flexibility on position. An allen wrench is then inserted through the bottom to actuate the screw heads and thereby turn the nuts about ninety degrees, hopefully clamping them to the interior plate and holding them as you continue tightening. Visual confirmation of nut position is important, but difficult in many positions. Once achieved, though, the mount is very tight and secure. The grip itself is somewhat narrower and arguably a touch shorter than its MOE forbear, and sports a rougher texture on the sides. The concave zone at the top is more pronounced, which combines with the narrower profile for a distinctly slimmer feel. I'd personally like to see a more "full-sized" version in the future, but for now this is the only m-lok vertical grip I can find. In any event, it works reasonably well for a variety of gripping styles, if not spectacularly for any one of them, so it's hard to complain.



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The distinction between inferior quality and premium AR grip is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer M lok Accessories from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.