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AR Grip

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Choosing the Best AR Grip for you needs.

The AR is a powerful, lightweight assault rifle, which means it has a lot of recoils when used and it is hard to aim with it. The only way to get control over your AR-15’S power is by using high-quality AR accessories that allow you to dominate and use the AR-15’S might to your advantage. Comfort and stability are the key features you wish to improve to increase your aim, and one of the essential accessories you will need for that is a good AR-15 grip. We have an extensive list of AR grips to choose from to suit every need. Our grips are made from durable, durable materials; they come in various colors and are designed for different types of handling to satisfy every requirement. Find the perfect AR grip for you on our site, and your AR will feel like a different weapon in your hands!

Features and Benefits of our AR Grips:

  • A variety of materials from High strength polymer to Aluminum
  • Many different ergonomic designs and angles for the best grip

What people are saying about these AR Grips:


AWESOME AR GRIP!!! The Magpul MOE Grip makes my AR-15 feel great...nice and wide and has a nice texture on it...and there is a space in the bottom where you can put whatever...extra batteries, small cleaning kit, etc... buy it you won't be disappointed


This AR grip is excellent

This AR grip is excellent, the installation was a breeze and fitted snug on the receiver. The feel is so much better than the standard A2 grip. It's a definite buy.


Best Grips I've ever used!

ATI grips and buttstock are the best! I repurchased my first one in 2012 and have never changed! Every build has an ATI grip and stock! Grips fit my hand perfectly, they're comfortable, and the buttstocks are TIGHT, they don't rattle or slip back and forth! Will continue to use on all my builds. They look so nice out on the range table!

Put on a bushmaster-15.

AWESOME. It was love at first touch. The ATI X1 grip is not rubbery, which I thought I wouldn't like, but the palm swell is perfect, finger grooves, everything... Fit on the gun accurate, fit my hand perfect, hands are a size large, but my wife shot it and loves it too, and her hands are XS.


ATI Scorpion

This is by far an excellent AR grip for the price compared to other brand grips. ATIs have a steeper pitch coming down off the lower receiver than most. For me, it is a better feel to conform to my hands better than Magpuls or BCMs grips. An important detail is the soft rubber palm swell & the groves for your fingers. If you're matching the grip with other FDE products such as Magpuls or Troy, ATIs have a slightly lighter hue, but most folks will not notice.


I bought my first Ergo Grip about 5 years ago for an AR15 build. Probably 5,000 rounds on it now. Absolutely love the grip! It isn't rough, it isn't slippery, even in the Florida humidity. It feels as if this grip was explicitly made for me(I would say I have average size hands). I love this grip so much that I purchased one for an AR-style .308. Make sure you read the descriptions carefully. Both of mine came with a "gapper," which is a small rubber plug that wedges in place between the grip and the trigger gaurd. My first Ergo came with a tethered plug for the bottom of the grip. This was meant for storage, but I often find that the recoil tends to make the plug fall out.


Ergo Is now my Favorite.

I have used AR Parts from AAC, Bushmaster, CAA, Del-Ton Ergo, and the rest of the alphabet. I build guns for Multiple shooters, and I believe the weapon should fill your hand naturally. Ergo does that. My last three builds have used Ergo grips. I don't think I will be using any others from now on.