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AR Pistol Grip / AR-15 Pistol Grip

AR Pistol Grip / AR-15 Pistol Grip

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Choosing the Best AR 15 Pistol Grip for you needs

Grip your AR-15. At Mounting Solutions Plus, we present you with all the best AR grip selections from the industry’s leading companies. Whether you want a new pistol grip, or you need to add a foregrip, handstop or bipod to your build, MSP has you covered. We offer the most current items from companies like Magpul, Ergo, ATI, Blackhawk, and more.

Popular AR 15 grips:

  1. Magpul MOE Grip - Drop-in upgrade AR15 pistol grip
  2. Magpul MOE+ Grip - Combines reinforced polymer body construction with comfortable, wrap-around rubber overmolding for maximum weapon control
  3. Magpul MVG - The MVG is a basic, lightweight, cost-effective vertical fore grip designed for use with MOE handguards and forends.
  4. ATI Scorpion Grip - ATI X1 Recoil Reducing AR Pistol Grip features a material that absorbs the initial shock wave
  5. ATI X2 Grip - AR-15 Pistol Grip features a material that absorbs the initial shock wave which is the felt punch of the recoil.
  6. Magpul Miad- A drop-in replacement for the standard AR15 / AR10 grip, now available in two dedicated configurations
  7. Magpul K2 Plus - Similar in concept to the smaller MOE-K, the MOE-K2 is a drop in upgrade for AR15 / M4's that offers a more vertical grip angle,
  8. Magpul K Grip- Provides an extremely low profile and compact design
  9. Magpul K2 Grip - Drop in upgrade for the AR15 / M4 that offers a more vertical grip angle.
  10. Ergo AR15 Grip - First truly ergonomic, shooter focused grip for AR platform rifles.
  11. ERGO Rubber Pistol Grips - standard by which shooter’s comfort and positive grip are measured.
  12. Timber Creek Enforcer - AR Pistol Grip is a drop in replacement that mounts to any standard mil spec lower receiver.
  13. Blackhawk AR Grip - Tactical Ergonomic AR-15 Grip is an excellent grip for any rifle owner searching for a grip with a storage compartment and very comfortable.
  14. Magpul MOE SL Grip - Similar to the MOE-K2, the MOE SL Grip (MOE Slim Line) is a drop-in upgrade for AR15 pistol grips
  15. Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip - Larger more rounded grip than the original Ergo Grip
  16. Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber AR Grip - weight is barely noticeable, even on lightweight builds.
  17. ERGO Palm Shelf Grip - Eame size and shape as the Tactical Deluxe grip but has the addition of an adjustable palm shelf
  18. FAB Defence AG-43 Grip - State-of-the Art AR Pistol Grip enhances grip control
  19. FAB Gradus Grip - Ergonomic rubberized grip that will have a relatively straight profile for long range precision shooting and CQB scenarios.
  20. FAB Defense AGF-43s - A folding pistol grip

What people are saying about our AR 15 Pistol Grips:

Magpul grip

It was a dark and stormy night. A shot rang out... It came from my AR 15 ! I had just installed my Magpul MOE grip and could not resist trying it out! Another great Magpul item. Simple design, simple to install, and simply great. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add a little bling to their AR build.

Great AR-15 pistol grip

Magpul is a great product and reasonably priced, made in 'Merica!! Great fit and finish, always fit as it should, and colors and finishes blend well with OEM finishes. Love them.

Great AR-15 Grip

I recently upgraded my handguard to a Magpul and wanted to change my grip from the blow-molded plastic to something with a better tactile AR-15 grip. This Magpul moe+ grip fits the bill and looks great on my AR. I also like the storage in the grip. I am able to keep a spare battery in there for my Aimpoint.


No regrets

Definitely head and shoulders above the standard AR-15 grip. I was hesitant about purchasing this (I didn't need it in the army why get it now?), but its improved ergonomics (slightly larger) and "grippy" texture really change the feel of the rifle. Much more comfortable to hold and to be in Florida with a higher propensity to sweat, the rubber over-molding really helps with maintaining grip. Worth it.


Great AR15 Grip

I have the Magpul miad grip on three AR15s in various colors, with one being the first design on this product. For me, it moves my extra-large hand back just far enough for proper trigger finger control with the thickest back strap.


Nice grip - Optimized for AR Pistols and SBRs.

This Magpul k2 grip has less of an angle than the traditional AR grip. It's angled and optimized for AR Pistols where you have a short pistol brace, and you're going to be shooting it much closer to your body/face than with a rifle stock.


This Magpul k2 grip is very awesome

The Magpul k2 grip is very good quality very good price it was shipped in orderly fashion time. I love this website looking forward to coming back very soon.


The ATI x2 grip is a best AR-15 grip ever!!!!!

I promise this ATI x2 grip is the only AR-15 pistol grip you will ever want to use. The comfort and feel are perfect. It fits with my Aero Precision M4E1 lower like it was made custom for it and a lot easier to install than standard grips or the Magpul I had installed. You will love it!!!!


The best AR-15 Grip Around!!

For those of you who try different grips to try and produce a better hold look no further, seriously. The price point is very affordable for the quality. I have purchased 4 X2 gen grips to replace my Gen 1 grips, and the new-gen is actually better. I didn't believe ATI could improve upon an already very satisfactory grip.


Good once you know.

The magpul pistol grip is a step up on my Rock River lower both for hand ergonomics and the feel of gripping surface. I have large hands so the slight addition in girth and the riser that wraps up around the back are comfortable for me. The compartment is nice but obviously there's only so much space and it is not someplace you'll want to store an item you will need in a hurry. The door is a bit of a trick to remove as it slides streight out and is not on a hinge system.



Excellent Grip

This Magpul AR grip is replacing the stock grip on a Diamondback DB15. First off, the texture is just what I was looking for. The feel in hand just blows away the stock grip. This was actually a gift for my dad as I added the same grip to my AR-15. Recommend, plus it's Magpul, can't go wrong!\



Best AR 15 Pistol Grip Ever

I purchased a new AR and knew from experience the hand grip would need to be replaced. Looked at the Hogue and the Magpul ar 15 grip MOE+. The Magpul was on sale so I chose it. What a great feel. As others mentioned the storage in the grip is great. You can put a front sight tool and spare batteries for your red dot or holographic site in there.



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