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Magpul RVG Grip


Magpul RVG Grip

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Magpul RVG Grip: Enhance Your Firearm Control & Comfort

Introducing the Magpul RVG (Rail Vertical Grip), a premium firearm accessory that provides exceptional control, stability, and comfort. Magpul's dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the RVG Grip, making it an essential addition to your shooting setup. Experience the difference the Magpul RVG Grip can make in your performance today!

Why Choose the Magpul RVG Grip?

The Magpul RVG Grip is a top choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking improved control and stability. Here's why you should consider adding it to your arsenal:

  1. Superior control and stability: The Magpul RVG Grip offers enhanced control, reducing muzzle climb and enabling faster follow-up shots for improved accuracy.
  2. Ergonomic design: Designed for comfort, the Magpul RVG Grip fits securely in your hand, providing a natural hold and improving overall handling and precision.
  3. Durable construction: Built from high-quality, reinforced polymer, the Magpul RVG Grip is made to withstand harsh conditions and last for years to come.
  4. Easy installation: The Magpul RVG Grip is designed for simple installation on most Picatinny rail systems, ensuring a secure fit and seamless integration with your firearm.

Discover the Magpul RVG Grip Advantage

At, we're proud to offer the Magpul RVG Grip in various colors, including the popular Flat Dark Earth option . The RVG Grip's features include:

  1. Optimized ergonomics: The Magpul RVG Grip's ergonomic design is specifically engineered to provide a comfortable and secure hold, promoting better control and accuracy.
  2. Compatibility: The RVG Grip is designed to fit a wide range of firearms with Picatinny rail systems, making it a versatile accessory for any shooter.
  3. Customizable grip angle: The Magpul RVG Grip allows you to choose the perfect grip angle for your shooting style and preferences, ensuring a tailored fit for optimal performance.

Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Magpul RVG Grip

Don't miss the chance to upgrade your firearm with the Magpul RVG Grip. Shop now and experience the enhanced control, stability, and comfort this accessory provides. With fast shipping and outstanding customer support, is your one-stop destination for all your firearm accessory needs. Order your Magpul RVG Grip today and revolutionize your shooting experience!

What some people are saying about the Magpul RVG

My favorite forend grip!

Not a whole lot, I can say about this vertical forend grip because it is a "basic" part, which is not designed to do a whole lot. But what it "does do," is provide a secure & ergonomic contact point for the forward end of your handguard. I like Magpul products in general, and I love how well the Magpul FDE color matches my LMT FDE LM8. The product attaches VERY securely to the handguard and is lightweight. The shape & size of this grip for me is the best I've tried. I execute the "thumb-break" method of gripping & stabilizing the forend when I "operate." I think I employ about 4 of these grips on different platforms I have. Maybe the only thing I could change about these Magpl RVG's is to make them with wrap-around rubber overmolding, like the MAGPUL MOE K2 pistol grip. That would be nice, and "match" the pistol grip we already have, right?


Some details about the Magpul RVG

This is an excellent compact grip. I ordered it by accident; I meant to order the Magpul MVG to mount directly to my Magpul handguard. I was surprised to find that the Magpul RVG comes with a flush-fitting Picatinny section, so it does work without purchasing a separate rail. Bonus! It feels rock-solid, and it is made from the same hard plastic as all Magpul products. The underside is open and hollow; I wish it had some plug or was at least closed off. I'm still happy with it, though!


Perfect verticle grip

The Magpul RVG mounted easily on my Sig the matter of minutes...intended to 'locktite' nuts, however, after two months of use and 1000 rounds, the grip is still tight...great overall size and grip...even for my large hands.


Great product

This vertical grip is the perfect height and thickness and feels solid. It's lightweight and looks fantastic. I have two of them, and after a lot of use over the last five years, there have been no issues. This is a perfect grip and a phenomenal price.


excellent product

I own several of both styles, rail, and MOE; both are superior quality products, typical Magpul all the way. They mount easily and are rock solid. I do not see how anyone could strip the bolt threads. They have perfect ergonomics for the "thumb break method" of hold as described, at least for my medium-sized hands but not so long as to be in the way. They are very durable, and I have had no issues with any of them.


Great grip but

It is an excellent vertical grip that feels comfortable in hand. The only issues are that it is hallow, which is excellent for weight, but it is open on the bottom, which not overly keen on. Since this amounts to a Picatinny rail also make sure you get the guards for the rails and cut them to fit on the rail on either side of this grip as this grip won't protect your hand from getting scraped up edges of the rail.


Solid Grip

This forend grip went on my midwest industries Picatinny rail. My AR has a heavy 16in barrel and flat out needed the extra grip position to help keep it balanced. This grip mounts up well and stays in place. The rugged texturing on the left and right sides are comfortable and helps maintain grip. The only downside about the grip is that it is just a bit on the short end, that or my hands are just big, my little figure tends to hang off, or I end up scrunching my fingers onto the grip. But this is an excellent grip regardless and doesn't snag on anything. I like it and would put it on another gun.


Excellent feel, No ...

The Magpul RVG has a excellent feel, No problems mounting (although I mounted mine on a shotgun, so a gunsmith recommended a LITTLE bit of loc-tite.) Perfect length, all the ones I've tried previously are too long or too skinny; I felt like I was holding a pencil. This is great, and I abuse mine frequently with no problems.