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Magpul Handguards

Magpul Handguards

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If one is not careful when handling equipment at the front of a gun that has been operated with, one can get severe hand burns. This is where an accessory called the handguard comes in, protecting the hand of the operator when he needs to adjust sights of other equipment at the front of a weapon.

Magpul's handguards are incredibly light, since they are made of heat-resistant polymer, and allow the placement of Piccatiny rails on it at the two, six and ten o'clock positions. In comparison to the heavy aluminum usually used to manufacture handguards, the heat-resistant polymer does the same job without burdening the operator. A front lip shields the operator's hands from the hot gas block.

They are extremely easy to install, using the equipment already on your weapon from the former hand guard.

If you are looking for a lighter, yet just as useful, hand guard, then Magpul has all the answers for you. Check out our inventory list to find the handguard you need and want!