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Magpul Handguard / Magpul Forend

Magpul Handguard / Magpul Forend

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Find Best in Class Magpul Handguards at Mounts Plus

Welcome to Mounts Plus, where we have the best collection of Magpul Handguards. Quality, durability, and an ergonomic design define the revered Magpul handguards in the field by firearms enthusiasts, competitive shooters, and tactical operators. Elevate your shooting game with our Magpul handguards.

Why Choose Magpul Handguards?

  • Enhanced Durability: From the use of top-grade materials, Magpul Handguards are highly robust and durable to serve you well under torture and heavy-duty service.
  • Ergonomic Design: Made with ergonomic design, this handguard assures comfort and a sure grip to support handling and control over your firearm.
  • Personalization Options: The design of Magpul Handguards comes with M-LOK slots that permit easy accessory attachment and a lot of customization.
  • Versatile Fit: Magpul Handguards will fit a wide array of rifle models, offering versatility for your customization needs when it comes to your firearm.

About Our Line of Magpul Handguards

  • Magpul MOE M-LOK Handguard: Perfect for those with an inclination towards a lightweight, thin profile, the MOE M-LOK handguard provides modularity, with ease in placing accessories.
  • Magpul SL Handguard: Intended for those who need something that is tougher and more heat-resistant, the SL series of handguards is quite good for high-volume shooters.
  • Magpul Zhukov Handguard: The ultimate handguard for an AK zealot, the Zhukov goes long and fully M-LOK compatible so you can truly increase the functionality for AK-type rifles.

Compatibility and Installation

  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a broad spectrum of rifle makes and models, our Magpul Handguards bring a perfect fit for your specific firearm. Easy
  • Fit Installation: Our handguards come with a user-friendly installation process. This makes it easy and quick to attach the handguards, which ensures easy upgrading.

Human Experts and Customer Service

  • Professional Support: Looking for a little help to choose the right Magpul Handguard? Our knowledgeable team can help you with everything from finding a suitable option to installation.
  • Customer Reviews: Discover what our products are like and what other customers say about them.

Shop with Confidence

We, at Mounts Plus, strive to give our customers only the best in high-quality products matched with top-of-the-line customer service. View our selection of Magpul Handguards below and find the right fit for your weapon today.

Order Now Your Magpul Handguard!

You must be prepared to equip your rifle with a Magpul Handguard. Browse our collection and get your own today. Feel the Mounts Plus difference in terms of quality, comfort, and performance.

Client Testimonials

"The Mounts Plus Magpul handguard has basically made all the difference in my shooting performance. It's lightweight yet durable, a real game-changer." — Alex

"Got to say Mounts Plus came through. Ordered a Magpul handguard from them; it is a piece of cake to install and fits perfect." — Jordan

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