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Magpul AK Handguard

Magpul AK Handguard

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Choosing the best Magpul AK Handguard

If you are the fan or an owner of the AK-47 or AK-74, one of the top AK related products for this particular will no doubt be the line of Magpul AK accessories? Admittedly, AK-47 specifications vary significantly, but this has not stopped Magpul in their tracks. Magpul has made a great effort to provide their customers with a whole set of products which are guaranteed to deliver some of the most fitment flexibility on the market. Nevertheless, expectedly with any AK-47 product, some AK's may require some manual fitting.

There are many shooters out there who have been quite literally burned in recent years by AK handguards that many manufacturers didn't work hard enough on. There is an abundance of AK handguards readily available on today's market that is not only exceptionally expensive, but they also love to trap heat. Heat is considered one of the biggest and main problems when it comes to AK handguards. They will often become too hot, and most shooters will typically choose to wear protective gloves to manage this additional issue. Nevertheless, many shooters don't mind wearing gloves, but if you need to grab your rifle suddenly in the middle of the night, are you going to take a moment to equip your gloves? Probably not.

However, for those who have their eye on AK handguards from Magpul, you are in for some great news. When it comes to Magpul handguards, they have truly mastered the AK heat problem. Of course, the handguard will become warm to the touch, but it's nothing that you can't handle with your bare hands. A unique heat shield achieves this within the handguard itself.

The AK handguards from Magpul are designed to be exceptionally robust and are produced from the sturdy polymer. There are many shooters out there who swear by the polymer and some who are still unsure as to whether they trust this type of material. For those who may be in doubt, consider this, many manufacturers are now beginning to offer Magpul Original Equipment packages on their rifles. When it comes to polymer accessories, you can also expect a whole host of different color options for you to choose from; this will allow you to customize your firearm even further. It's important to keep in mind that the solid polymer plus the fully lined heat shield of the AK handguard adds up to 1.5 oz in weight to your current setup, which isn't bad at all. The handguard from Magpul is also a lot thicker in hand than the standard stock AK polymer handguards.

When it comes to AK handguards from Magpul, many of them feature a considerably useful, built-in M-LOK slots. These slots are ideal for attaching anything you can think of.

So, if you are currently on the lookout for a robust, reliable, affordable, and high-quality handguard for your AK rifle that does not get hot enough to fry an egg, Magpul is most certainly the brand you should be looking for. Magpul's line of exceptionally high-quality AK handguards is worth taking a look at.

What people are saying about the Magpul AK Handguards

Magpul moe AKM handguard was an Easy install.

I ordered this after doing some online research that indicated it would take some "fitting" using a file and sandpaper, perhaps even a Dremel to mount on a Draco. Well, it took zero "fitting," the lower pressed on, and I gave it a tap with a mallet to make sure it was all the way seated. The upper guard fits perfectly. No fitting was required. Ten-minute install including removing the old upper guard from the gas tube and installing a new one. Excellent upgrade and an improvement on stock handguards.

Installed the Magpul AKM handguard on my WASR 10 in just a few Magpul AKM Handguard, fits great on a WASR 10

Minutes. I needed a rubber mallet to tap the lower handguard into place.
The upper handguard was challenging to align with. The gas tube wouldn't sit properly, so that I couldn't lock the lever into place. After a bit of trial and error, I was able to align it, but I had to push down on the gas tube to lock the lever even then. The lower handguard contains an integrated heat shield, but make no mistake, the heat shield is intended to prevent the polymer from melting, not to keep your hand from burning. You will need to wear a glove or use a grip of some kind if you plan to shoot fast. Speaking of grips, the lower handguard has two sections for M-LOK panels, which is enough for a vertical grip, which only requires 1 section, but not for an angled foregrip, which requires three parts. Not a big deal, just a note. Overall I'm pretty happy with this handguard. It's not better or worse than some of the other handguards out there, but it is inexpensive and relatively easy to install. There are no screws, and you're still able to get to the gas tube if you need to, for those that shoot corrosive ammo.

Hands down the best AK handguard ever

The Magpul MOE AKM is by far the best AK handguard I have ever used. Just took it out to the range today, and after quick mag dumps (barrel smoking), the handguard stayed very cool and comfortable to hold. My old factory handguard would warp and get uncomfortably hot even with slow, paced shooting. Installation was common sense. To reference the three reviews below, which were written by the same dude from Alabama (lol)... the handguard is not that hard to install. Your handguard retainer isn't closing because you did not seat the handguard all the way. A tap with a rubber mallet will sit it correctly in the receiver, and then the retaining latch will close with ease. (Did this on a gp75 from the century, and it worked just fine.) The upper handguard is a bit more challenging to get on, but a c-clamp or vise to hold the gas tube is a breeze.

Minor Fitting, just about like any other aftermarket part

I would say that like any other aftermarket AK part; there might need to be minor FittingFitting. Does that make it a bad thing? No. I bought this one cause the SAR-1 I have I just went on the assumption that it had 15 foreign parts on it and changed out the trigger group (Tapco G2 trigger group), the Tapco buttstock, and this would be my 5th compliance part to make it possible to have foreign parts on the rest of the rifle. Honestly, I was looking for an moe AK handguard that allowed me to use my iron sights, and it didn't have to have rail systems attached to it. I will say that if you fit everything on yours and can't get the gas tube lever closed, you might be experiencing the same problem I was. I filed down the plastic top cover of the gas tube to get it to fit where it sandwiches down to the lower forend. I also shouldn't have to say it, but it will hold up to regular use if you don't need rapid-fire. Then again, if you have original wood furniture, the forend will catch on fire if you are rapid-fire the rifle long enough.

Finally! REAL AK furniture!

I replaced the handguard on my AMD-65 with one of moe AK handguards. Some fitting was required in the area of the front handguard retainer. I also had to cut off the front sling loop. No biggie. Ran 3 30 round mags rapidly through the AMD. Still cool to hold on to. AMAZING! (AK owners, you know what I mean). Also, put a complete set (stock, pistol grip, handguard) on a Chinese MAK-91. Again, some fitting is required. But I got it on, and all are rock solid. This is, by far, the very best furniture out there for the AK rifles. Unquestionably. CONs? Like some other MAGPUL stocks, the QD sling mounts SHOULD be molded directly in. Not an add-on. This gets expensive. Otherwise, fantastic job MAGPUL!