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AR15 Sling [ON SALE] AR-15 Slings / AR Sling

AR15 Sling [ON SALE] AR-15 Slings / AR Sling

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Elevate Your AR-15 Experience with the Ideal AR15 Sling at

Welcome to, the premier destination for top-tier AR15 slings. As ardent gun aficionados, we recognize the pivotal role a robust, ergonomic, and long-lasting AR15 sling plays in your shooting experience. Dive into our vast collection, showcasing the crème de la crème of AR15 slings from renowned brands. Embark on a shopping journey like no other and snag unbeatable deals on the most sought-after AR15 slings in the market!

Why is Your Go-To for AR15 Slings

Our dedication at is unwavering when it comes to offering the pinnacle of AR15 sling choices. Every AR-15 sling in our collection is handpicked, ensuring you're only browsing through the elite products from brands that have earned the trust of gun enthusiasts globally. Invest in an AR15 sling that complements your AR-15 rifle's prowess.

Key Features to Spotlight When Picking Your AR15 Sling

Zeroing in on the quintessential AR15 sling requires a keen eye for certain features:

  • Material: The fabric of your AR15 sling is pivotal for its longevity and performance. Popular choices encompass nylon, paracord, and leather.
  • Adjustability: Opt for an AR15 sling that boasts swift adjustment features, guaranteeing a snug and tailored fit.
  • Attachment Points: Seek out slings equipped with diverse attachment alternatives, like QD swivels or hooks, ensuring seamless integration with your AR-15.
  • Type: Navigate between single-point, two-point, or three-point AR15 slings, aligning with your style and functional preferences.
  • Padding: A padded AR15 sling promises augmented comfort, especially during prolonged usage.

Spotlight on Leading AR15 Sling Brands at

Our AR15 sling repertoire boasts offerings from industry trailblazers:

  1. Magpul MS4 - Quickly switch between one-point and two-point configuration.
  2. Magpul MS3 Sling - Aa versatile weapon-retention solution. Rapidly-convertible, the MS3 transitions from single-point to two-point use with ease.
  3. MS3 Single QD Sling Gen2 - Geatures a heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivel for the one-point (rear) weapon attachment rather than the Magpul Paraclip™.
  4. Magpul MS1 Padded Sling - The most versatile addition to the Magpul® line of rifle slings.
  5. ARMS Quick Release Rifle Sling - Caters to the vibrant requirements of tactical operators of nowadays, as well as officers of law enforcement in each circumstance.
  6. Cetacea Vest Mounted Sling - Attaches directly to the Shoulder mounts on several models of current ballistic tactical vests
  7. Vickers 221 sling - Combines battle proven endurance of the Vickers Sling with a swivel and sling socket to create a two-to-one convertible Rifle sling.
  8. Magpul MS4 Adapter - Enable speedy changeovers between single and two-point configurations
  9. Vickers Padded Sling - Combines with the tactical sling capability of the Vickers Sling with the added comfort of a padded rear section.
  10. Rabbit Sling - One of the easiest and most user friendly slings ever developed for both garrison and combat ready modes
  11. Blue Force Gear Single Point Sling- UDC Padded Single Point Bungee Sling is a dedicated single-point sling that is both fast and comfortable.
  12. Blackhawk Multipoint Sling - A multipoint sling easy to use and keep the sling from rubbing your neck raw.
  13. Blackhawk Universal Tactical Sling - simple two-point nylon web design
  14. Cetacea 3 Point Sling - Three Point Sling is a fully adjustable Rifle sling that Fits all M16/M4 Variants.
  15. Blackhawk CQD Sling - Hybrid single-point/two-point sling incorporates heavy-duty elastic
  16. Blackhawk Mountain Sling - Simplicity with just enough substance to make it indispensable

Mounting Solutions Plus: The Gold Standard for AR15 Slings isn't just a store; it's a haven for AR15 sling enthusiasts. Our adept team is ever-ready to guide you, ensuring your AR15 sling choice is impeccable. With competitive pricing, unmatched deals, and stellar customer service, why look elsewhere? Elevate your AR-15's potential today!

Rave Reviews for Our AR15 Slings

My Favorite AR Sling!

Simply put, excellent AR sling! When first starting using an AR platform finding a good sling was tough for me...until my first Magpul single point sling (the old 1" MS2 if not mistaken). I always felt something wider would even be better and so did Magpul (always one step ahead) so, when the MS3 came out that became my new favorite. As Magpul's offerings have grown I've kept buying the newer slings, actually my first MS4 dual QD sling being purchased on accident (thought it was the MS3 in ranger green). Liking the "accident" when it showed up I've put a Noveske QD Endplate on all my AR platform rifles using the MS4 as a single point sling. All my hunting MSRs now wear the Noveske QD endplate and a Magpul QD RSA on the rails for easy single to dual point conversion, accomplished quickly and easily as needed in the field. Very sturdy feel but, still comfortable after hours and hours and many miles of hiking with a rifle. Seems every new AR sling Magpul comes out with becomes my new favorite sling. Looks like when their "MS5" someday comes out that'll quiclkly become my new favorite. Magpul has the finest AR accessories.


The Magpul ms4 sling is Better than the rest

Just bought my 2nd Magpul sling. I retired my Ares Armor completely (unwieldy) and my padded VTAC. I still use my non padded VTAC but as a single point on my chest rig. The magpul sling is by far superior in construction. Heavier materials, superior stitching, buckles and QR's. It also comes with quality quick releases, something that has to be purchased separately in other brands. Those can get pricey. The magpul sling is also modular. It can be configured in all popular methods that I'm aware of with minimal effort or cost. You can't go wrong with Miday for the purchase of your magpul sling. They don't mess around with shipping and communication of your order status and tracking information is always prompt. Their inventory has always been correct, unlike similar vendors that take your payment and put your orders on backorder without and notification.



I would definitely buy again.

Great AR15 Sling ! I use my Magpul Ms4 on a Rock River 18". No burn around exposed skin, adjusts quickly and easily, goes from 2 point to 1 with ease. All around great sling. One thing I'm not sure of is the sliding buckle instead of the previous loop to adjust length. Time will tell but the loop is easier to grasp, but also more chance of hooking your environment.



Perfectly Functional AR Sling

Use this sling on my AR-15. I will likely get one for my new AR-10. The clips make it so much easier to remove for cleaning. The web belt is too long for the shorter AR-15 and AR-10. One needs a good nylon-specific hot knife or be good with trimming and burning the bitter ends of the cuts needed to trim the belt to the correct length. Once done, it works well. What would be perfect would be if Magpul could tailor this particular AR sling in various lengths to accommodate rifle lengths.

Mike Shelton


Well Made and Durable AR 15 Sling

The Magpul MS3 Gen 2 Multi-Mission Single or 2 Point Nylon Sling is lightweight and very durable. Its design allows for fast transition between one and two-point configurations by pushing the Cross Bolt Lock on each "Paraclip" and moving the strap to the foreword or rearward mounting point. When in the two-point mode the adjustment "Slider" is used for removing sling tension, which allows the rifle to go from tight on the body to the firing position with just one single hand motion. Enough strap length is included to work with a 20 inch barreled rifle, yet the weight and design adds no unnecessary feel or bulk when carried. This is not the least expensive sling on the market, but I feel is the most versatile and well worth the added cost.



Great AR15 sling

I needed a sling for my AR-15. The magpul ms1 sling was a great choice. I needed it to connect to my 2 points and be adjustable. This AR15 sling is perfect. It has plenty of adjustment to fit all sizes of people and any position you choose to hold your gun. The only negative is I wish it was a little shorter but there is plenty of adjustment to take up any slack.



Very Good AR 15 Sling

I bought the ms1 sling to go on my AR after purchasing another one. being aware of the Magpul reputation, I decided to give it a try. Being a police officer, I wanted a sling that would serve as a single point/two point, but that one was out of stock. So I decided on this AR Sling and bought the MS1 to MS3 Sling Adapter, which converted it to the MS4 Gen 2 Magpul sling that I wanted (now). Good wide strong web strap, and the adjustability (slider) is very easy and fast to utilize. The only down side is that after breaking it in the slider doesn't always stay where you want it. But having the ability to change from single point to two point and adjust it (lengthen or shorten)quickly, is critical as you transition from one situation to another.



Great Product

The magpul ms3 sling is a great AR 15 sling that I use in a 2 point configuration. It can also be used as a single point sling but that's not my preferred style so I haven't used it that way. I only rated it 4 instead of 5 stars because I found all of magpul's many options difficult to decipher for what sling did what.


A great sling for ar15

This is about the third Blackhawk sling I have purchased. I use one on my shotgun, AR and AK. They are durable, look good and you cant beat the price.



Great Basic Two-Point Sling

Simple to use, durable 2 point sling for ar15 who don't need one of those "Pull this strap, release that strap" slings. Really helps steady my support arm, improving accuracy.


Love this ar-15 sling

I love this ar-15 sling, really fast easy adjustment in length, and really like the convertible nature of the 1 or 2 point options. I mostly use it 2 point, but will switch over to 1 point for certain activities. I would recommend using fixed mounts with this sling, swivels allow too much play/rattles.


Magpul make great AR slings

I have about 6 of these magpul ms3 AR slings on all my rifles, works great easy to adjust and easy on and off


This ar sling mount adds great versatility

This Magpul ar sling mount end plate adds great versatility to any rifle at a good price. The install can be a little tricky if you handle it with kid gloves, but if you're mean to it, it goes on easy. My only complaint is that sometimes the ar sling mount will get in the way of completely collapsing the stock, but I view this as a non-issue and would not hesitate to throw this on every AR I want to mount a single point sling to. And any AR I don't plan on mounting a single point sling to, just in case. Definitely worth every penny!


Personally, this is a must have!

A pair of forceps was very handy when installing the little "key" piece. About the wrench issue: I used a 4-point wrench to torque down the castle nut, you just angle it out a little to clear the mount area and no problem. Using lower ar15 vise block in a sturdy vise was a big help. The Magpul MMS (Multi-Mission Sling) works great with this Ambi-point. With your sling attached there's no more noise than with any other AR15 sling mount. If you must be stealthy with no sling I'm sure a piece of black duct tape will take care of it.


Love it

I had a ar 15 1 point sling like this some time ago which I sold along with a rifle. I have purchased many sling slings hoping to find one that was like my old one and this is definitely the best. I don't need 1 sling to work ok 6 different ways, I want one that is the best at what I want. This sling does that.


Excellent single point ar sling

I purchased teh Aim Sports single point ar sling thinking that it would be my cheap backup, but it is made so well it has become my primary and my 150 dollar sling has became my backup. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for the military issue and better quality you will not be disappointed!!! TRUST ME!!!!! ON THIS ONE if nothing else



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