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EOTech 512 Overview
Fast and effective CQB is the dream of many agencies when it comes to equipping their operators with the right weapons and accessories. Yet in today’s crime scenes and operations, any old equipment won’t cut it anymore. One must be better prepared than the opposition, and that can only be achieved with superior technology. This is where the EOTech 512 comes in, one of the most popular items of the company that is slowly turning into a buyer’s favorite. And why not?

The design is both effective and streamlined. The glass of the lens is shatterproof and the sight offers twenty different brightness setting. This means it can be used just as well in twilight and bright sunlight, including anything in between. The electronics are well protected from any damage by a special casing. The 512 can be easily adjusted onto your military spec Picatinny rail. It is pretty light at only 10.9 oz. (309 grams). The sight allows for a 30-yard field of view at a 4 inches eye relief. The eye relief is unlimited and can be set to your preferences. Like so many customers around the world, you won’t regret owning one of these babies. So get your own 512 now and stay ahead of your game.

EOTech 552 Overview
While on daytime operations there is only one type of accessory that can improve your visibility and aim no matter the brightness and need. This is, of course, the weapon sight. One of the best weapon sights out there is the EOTech 552. Not only does it offer twenty different settings for daylight operations, which means that it works just as well in a dusty environment as it does in the middle of an open desert at noon, but it also offers unlimited eye relief.

The designs are streamlined, perfectly practical and comfortable for use. This model takes AA batteries. While lithium batteries are recommended, you can also use alkaline and rechargeable batteries.
The casing has an anti-glare coating and is made out of durable materials. The front lens is made of thick glass while the rear is a shatter-resistant laminate. The 552 is easily adapted onto a Picatinny rail and will be immediately ready for use. Using lithium batteries, you can have 1000 hours of continuous use. Alkaline batteries offer 600 hours of continuous use.

When set to 4 inches eye relief the 552 offers a 30-yard field of view. It is no wonder that this model is extremely popular in the HWS market. Get your own EOTech 552 as soon as possible and enjoy amazing quality for a very long time.

EOTech EXPS2 Overview
When a sight doesn’t allow you to keep both eyes open when aiming, you lose your situational awareness. This might be unimportant if you are practice shooting for fun on a range, but in real life tight situations it can be a deadly handicap. This is these sights are one of the leading manufacturers in weapon sights, created amazing products such as the EOTechEXPS2.

It has, of course, all the sturdiness and high quality you’d expect from this product. The design is amazing and compact. By having only a single lithium battery, the EXPS2 takes up less space on your rail, allowing you to place more accessories than before. This single lithium battery still offers you 500 hours minimum operation. You don’t have to fear that you might forget your sight activated since it will automatically shut down either at 4 or 8 hours, depending on your preferences.

The EXPS2 has 20 different brightness settings that will suit all your needs from morning till evening. This way no matter what type of environment you are in you will be able to aim just as perfectly.
You don’t have to worry about shocks, dirt or bad weather either since this sight isn’t some sensitive beauty. Even in the worst conditions, the EXPS2 will remain faithful and operational. It is especially suited for daytime military operations and civilian needs.

EOTech EXPS3 Overview
If you need a sight that will never break or give up on you and will be able to serve you 24/7, then you are on the right site. The EOTech EXPS3 is everything you’d expect from a famous brand name.
Not only does it have the typical 20 brightness setting that will serve you perfectly at any time of day under any condition, but there are also ten settings for nighttime to be used together with a night vision device. This way you will have your sight operational during the day and night.

Be it mud, sand, water, shocks or dirt, the EXPS3 won’t stop working for anything. It is built to survive even the worst and most stressful operations anywhere in the world. Having only a single lithium battery allows the design of the EXPS3 to be slimmer and slicker than ever before. No need to worry about battery time, though. You still have 500-600 hours of continuous operation. The sight will automatically switch off at either 4 or 8 hours depending on your preferences, so it is impossible to waste battery time.

As one can clearly detect, the EXPS3 is no toy for varmint hunting. This is a lifesaving, top-notch device meant to save lives in dire situations and protect civilians from any danger. It is loved by the military, law enforcement officers and civilians alike because quality like this serves everyone equally!

EOTech XPS2 Overview
To customize your weapon like a pro you need to be very certain how much space you want to offer each accessory. Often it is the weapon sight that has to be downsized since you should certainly not operate without one. This is why they created this amazing product line called the EOTech XPS2. These sights have all of the same offerings of their bigger cousins, but are extremely light and small, taking up minimum space on your rail and leaving you a lot of room for other gadgets.

All of these sights are created from extra sturdy materials such as shatterproof laminate windows to withstand any type of weather or tough operation. If the operator can withstand it, the XPS2 will certainly stand the test without a single scratch. In the normal setting, this single battery marvel will work continuously for 600 hours. You can program the sight to auto shut down after 4 or 8 hours depending on your need. It weighs only 8 oz. (227grams) and is only 3.5 inches long, probably the shortest sight out there.

EOTech XPS3 Overview
While customizing the ideal weapon for you, you will realize that your Picatinny rail won’t fit every gadget you want and need. This is mainly because many gadgets are oversized and heavy. We have brought you the perfect solution with the tiny EOTech XPS3 sight, compatible with night vision devices of all generations.

Now you can have the amazing 20 setting of daytime visibility of the EOTechXPS2 series and ten more nighttime settings. This sight might be small at only 3.5 inches long and 8oz (227 grams) heavy, but it has nothing to envy from its bigger brothers. Its single battery can work continuously for 600 whole hours and the auto shut down setting can be set at either 4 or 8 hours.

The materials the XPS3 is made of are extremely sturdy, enabling the XPS3 to withstand most shocks, bad weather and even 33 feet submersion under water. This sight comes in a sleek black color, which does not reflect light as not to damage the operator’s eyes. So, if you want the amazing utility of the XPS2 plus nighttime vision compatibility, the XPS3 is the right sight for you. Order one now and you will reap the benefits of a top notch sight.