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At Mounts Plus, we offer a wide range of Eotech products to help you get the most out of your firearm. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, we have something for everyone.

One of our most popular Eotech products is the Eotech XPS2. This site is designed for close-range shooting and features a 1x magnification, a red dot reticle, and a compact design. It's also waterproof and shockproof, making it suitable for use in any environment.

If you're looking for a sight with more magnification, the Eotech 552 might be the perfect fit. This sight is designed for medium to long-range shooting and features a 1x-2x magnification, a red dot reticle, and durable construction. It's also waterproof and shockproof, making it suitable for use in any weather conditions.

No matter what your needs are, you can find the perfect Eotech sight or optic at Mounts Plus. From close-range to long-range shooting, we have everything you need to improve your accuracy and target acquisition. So if you want to get the most out of your firearm, be sure to check out our selection of Eotech products today.

Popular EOTech Sights and Scopes :

  1. EOTech Holographic Sights
    1. EOTech 512- The most popular holographic weapon sight. It’s ideal when you need the best in speed and versatility.
    2. EOTech 552 - most affordable night vision-compatible sight and it partners with most night vision-devices.
    3. EOTech EXPS3 - offers true 2-eyes-open shooting, and a 7 mm raised base that still allows for iron sight access.
    4. EOTech XPS2 - the shortest, smallest, and lightest EOTech model holographic weapon sight available without night vision.
    5. EOTech EXPS2 - true 2-eyes-open shooting and provides an unparalleled targeting experience.
    6. Eotech HHS ll - this HHS provides an unparalleled advantage when transitioning from short to long range shooting.
    7. Eotech HHS l - offers a solution for targets that change ranges quickly in CQB situations.
    8. EOTech XPS3 - smaller and lighter than all other holographic weapon sights but just as fast.
    9. Eotech 518 - works on readily available AA batteries yet provides most of the functions present
    10. Eotech Exps3-0 with G33 magnifier - Package is simular to HHS-I but with the EOTech XPS3-0
    11. EOTech 558 - a unique model that blends the advantages of the 512 model and its AA batteries along with the quick detach mounting base and the side buttons of the previous EXPS models.
  2. EOTech Magnifier- offers a better than ever mount giving speedier transitioning from 3x to 1x, instrument free azimuth modification.
    1. EOTech G33 - Is a reasonable amplified arrangement that will move a handled HWS into a deadly medium extent optic.
  3. EOTech Vudu - The Vudu line of scopes comes in three different zoom ranges: 1-6x, 2.5-10x, and 3.5-18x magnification as well as a couple of varying reticle options.
    1. EOTech Vudu 2.5-10 - Designed for midrange precision shooting the scope is constructed around a 30mm tube and a 44mm objective lens

What people are saying about Eotech sights

The best optic for the money.

I always say you get what you pay for. This scope is built like a tank—completely solid construction. The quick-release latch is tight and holds if you have to pull the scope off and put it back on. It is the correct height to co-witness with normal flip-up sights. The reticle is easy to zero with positive clicks on the dials. The two-dot system seems to work just right with 5.56 ammo. The color is a bit odd but blends well with FDE or tan. The night vision modes are nice and have enough adjustment to match the brightness to an illuminator. I would recommend this Eotech EXPS3 series.


This 4-dot reticle is excellent!

I have had an Eotech 552 with a 3x magnifier on my M4 for a few years, and it's been great. I had the chance to try the new XPS3-4 on a buddies rifle... wow! The 4-dot is ranging reticle works like a german "circle w/post" reticle at close range. It felt faster for target acquisition in the funhouse than my single dot 552. We put a steel 12-inch gong out at 600 yards, attached my 3x mag to my buddies rifle, and pushed a few mags of 62gr issue ammo though his 14" 1/7 M4 barrel: we had that gong singing off his bipod! This is far better at a distance then the guesstimating I have to do with my single dot. I sent a few 75gr match rounds down range as well, but they looked like they were hitting low (as expected, since the XPS was sighted in with XM855). I suspect the reticle would work ok with the heavier bullets, once you sighted them in, but make sure and confirm that before packing for the rock garden!


Fantastic optic!

Use this optic when every ounce counts. The single CR123 battery configuration shaves off some weight from its 2 AA counterparts. Mounts snugly on a Pic rail and the Quick Detach lever is just that - Quick. You could buy aftermarket levers for older Eotechs, but this one comes standard and for a bit less money. I mounted this on my SR-556 in 5.56 in less than a minute and had it's mounting adjusted in less than 2 minutes. The reticle brightness has plenty of settings as well as night vision (a feature I won't be able to try until I gain additional equipment). It comes with one lithium battery included with the battery compartment cap slightly unscrewed as not to drain. Careful to not cross-thread the cap, as it has fine threads. Once it was tightened down, the unit worked perfectly. No scratches or problems with the lenses (haven't had it in hot/cold situations to check for problems, but I doubt any would occur). The best part - took it to the range and zeroed at 25 yards (all 50 and 100-yard stations were taken), and out of the box placed a 3-shot group within an inch only 2 inches directly left of aim. A quick adjustment had me on target in less than 4 minutes, no problem. I intend to zero at 50 yards, just to test, then bring it back to standard, removing the optic and re-seating it to check how well zero holds, once the hunters in the area stow their rifles... Only Con that I could think of is that it doesn't come with lens covers (which can be purchased aftermarket), or a cover (also aftermarket). Otherwise, a great optic. Highly satisfied!

Zombie Kill of the Week

Well Made!

At age 72...Shooting my (iron sights) CZ Scorpion was a real problem. My EXPS3 solved this negative issue instantly! The product far exceeded my expectations in every way! Expensive, you bet! But worth every dollar this item demands. All claims the company makes regarding this product are true. The viewing screen is vast and clear. The adjustable target circle is very bright and is not hard to find. Point of impact adjustments are user friendly. Sight is not difficult to see in daylight. Cons? One item" There is a thin, small wire which runs (outside of the body) from the battery compartment to the screen. It could get snagged on some protruding object. Which is unlikely...However, there is always "Murphy's Law."


EOTech 512 Holographic Sight Review

As far as the EOTech Holographic sight goes, the Eotech 512 is A-OK. It is just as reliable as EoTech's higher-end models and matches up evenly as well. It is perfect for close-q work and even works well at longer distances. Long-distance shots are easy with the Eotech 512 (or any EOTech sight), but with an added magnifier, this sight will quickly become your favorite by far. The one feature that made me fall in love with EOTech's sights is the fact that as long as the window is visible and the reticle can be seen, the shot will be made. Makes hard shots easier, not easy. Clear picture window, NVC, adjustable brightness, ease of operation, and overall quality performance. The two things I don't like as much is the changing of the batteries and overall unit length. I have since switched to longer-life batteries and have somewhat rectified the problem. I don't have a problem with the length of the unit, but on some weapons, the unit may be as long as the provided rail, which can make adding a Magnifier a problematic fit. If this is a problem for you... EOTech makes several shorter units. Overall: Great Sight!!!

Wolfman Black

Set Your Sights on This!

This magnificent sight is perfect for several applications, including tactical use, personal defense, hunting, target shooting, and general plinking. I have this model atop a Rock River Tactical Entry M4 style carbine, and it is outstanding. Looking through the 512, one will see a holographic red circle and a small dot in the middle. One simply places the dot on the target, and you are ready. This is not a typical red dot sight, nor does it offer any magnification, you don't need it. The sight comes up on target with lightning speed, and you can use it equally well with one or both eyes open. The Eotech 512 operates with two AA batteries available anywhere. They are long-lasting and straightforward to replace. The intensity of the circle and dot is adjustable so that it can be used effectively, even on bright, sunny days. The on/off buttons are centrally located and easy and fast to use. The Eotech 512 is extremely well made and durable, and it installs easily onto a Weaver or Picatinny rail without tools in only seconds. Sighting-in is a breeze as well. The windage and elevation dials are well marked, have plenty of room for adjustments, and can be easily adjusted with a coin. Everything about this sight is designed for true user-friendly operation. I use my Eotech 512 out to 150 yards, and the results are superb. I know people who use them effectively at even longer ranges. This is also an outstanding close-quarters tool, which is why the 512 is used by both the US military and civilian police agencies. The Eotech 512 comes with a two-year warranty, which is decent, and can be used on any rifle or shotgun that you can mount it to. Again, don't confuse this with the countless number of 'red dot' scopes out there. This is a different creature, and one that does exactly what it says it will do is user friendly beyond belief, [*]. I recommend it highly!



As a Law Enforcement professional, I've used the 512 EOTECH for over four years. Batteries are changed annually, regardless of the number of hours used as a matter of practice. The choice of the 512 was mainly due to product reputation and availability of batteries. I have not had a moment's trouble from this sight. Reliable, accurate, and rock steady. Once sighted in, if you can see the target, you can hit it. It's been used in a variety of tactical situations during the four-year service life with no failures. I've used the sight in the rain, cold and hot, humid weather without fail. This is a magnificent sight for the money.


Fantastic heads up sight

I love my Eotech xps2. I was having eye problems while shooting in a bullseye league, so I invested a bunch and got the EOTech. My scores went from 179 to 250s (out of 300) regularly. I have shot it on both of my 22s, a Ruger MK II, and a buckmark. The other Plus is you look really cool with an EOTech on any firearm. Great buy.

Bullseye in Wisconsin

More room, less weight on the receiver

I use this on a rifle for tactical carbine competitions. It holds zero and is very accurate even though the rifle gets banged around while competing. I agree with Jay that the button placement isn't ideal when you have an Eotech magnifier mounted behind it. Still, the sight should be on and adjusted to the proper intensity before you start your mission or competition stage, so it's not a big deal to me. I use a Samson FTS mount with my magnifier, so I can flip it out of the way to manipulate the controls just fine.


EOTECH or Aimpoint

After months of research and use of both the EOTECH and Aimpoint sights, I wanted to write a review that might help others struggling with this epic debate about which sight to purchase as it is a huge investment to your weapon. As you might have guessed, I'm going with EOTECH as the winner. I have quite a bit of experience using both sights for CQB and at distance target engagements (400-500m). First, both sights are accurate and durable without question. However, the Aimpoint drastically interferes with a shooter's peripheral vision, which is crucial whether or not you are conducting CQB or distance shooting as you need to be aware of your surroundings, thus a win for the EOTECH. As for battery life, who cares that the Aimpoint lasts for five years unless you are building a doomsday cache in the ground and do not plan to return to that location for five years. I can carry an extra CR123 battery with me as its weight is insignificant. If I'm regularly using my EOTECH, I can swap batteries once a month during my routine checks and inspections or every six months if my gun primarily sits in the safe. For home defense situations, with a bush of a button, the EOTECH switches on to power level 12 to give you an instantly visible sight to start engaging targets. So as far as battery life being a selling point, I would say do not let that sway you into buying an Aimpoint.

Additionally, the EOTech outperforms the Aimpoint as you can range find targets with your EOTECH, which is very important when you need to place quick and accurate fire on target and need to know your holds. Lastly, depending on which model you buy you can use different parts of the optic to acquire holds at close range such as using the bottom of the 65 MOA ring to place POA / POI at close targets, this cannot be done with the single dot Aimpoint as you will need to apply your hold off as your POA and bore alignment will be offset. So to conclude this review, as a frequent shooter, I would recommend the EOTECH over the Aimpoint, as you need to be able to see your targets and what is around and behind it, which the EOTECH allows you to do quickly and rapidly.