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Eotech Vudu

Eotech Vudu

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EOTech Vudu Precision Rifle Scopes

The most of the weapons manufacturers know that gun ownership is serious about their firearms accessories, mainly when dealing with optics and electronics. The growing world of shooting competitions and modern battlefields has created a new market for advanced low power scopes, as well as variable high magnification scopes. There are dozens of excellent options for makers of variable optics that have earned a solid reputation, but the EOTech with headquarter in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has become one of the major players amongst the telescopic sight manufacturers.

Ever since the mid-90, the EOTech Company’s holographic sights are famous as they have seen many war-zone conflicts and Law Enforcement’s operations. Unfortunately, this primarily a maker of red dot optics has a fiasco recently with holographic weapon sights as they allegedly misrepresented some specifications. To rebuild the confidence in the brand and to restore the compromised reputation, the EOTech has decided to branch out from holographic weapon sights into the magnifying optics market. As a result, the EOTech Company expands their product line with the new offerings displayed at SHOT Show 2016. They have released three top optics within a brand new line of precision rifle scopes named ‘Vudu.' The Vudu line of scopes comes in three different zoom ranges: 1-6x, 2.5-10x, and 3.5-18x magnification as well as a couple of varying reticle options.

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