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Eotech Magnifier Overview

Sometimes a small difference can prove to have a large effect in the long run. This is especially true in combat or hunting situations. Some individuals who enjoy guns may be content to simply participate in target practice. However, those who are more serious about this pastime may want the type of high-quality equipment that is built for experts and professionals. Here at Mounting Solutions Plus, we offer a wide variety of EOTech Magnifiers to help provide that extra bit of accuracy and control. This can come in handy in those tight spots and for those who put themselves into dangerous situations; this can be a vital upgrade to any weapon.

EOTech Magnifiers

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Accuracy, reaction time, and speed are all very important aspects of handling a weapon. Many would like to shave a few seconds off of the time it takes them to move from one target to another or to get a few inches closer to the bull’s eye. Though everyone needs to practice and hone their skills, some take their craft much more seriously. These EOTech magnifiers provide the kind of technology that can come in handy when millisecond and millimeters can make a huge difference. Improving one’s ability to see and react can prove to be very valuable in tight spots or risky situations.

Made from military-grade materials and designed to be resistant to water, fog, and other types of elements. The sight can be adjusted without the need for tools and positions can be securely locked into to provide a reliable view and a stable visual option. These EOTech Magnifiers also feature more eye relief with windage and elevation adjustments being easily accessible.

There is no need to worry about taking off other accessories to make room for the EOTech Magnifier. It fits very easily and aligns perfectly with standard height sights and also comes with a 7mm to riser to accommodate those individuals who have moved their sights up a bit. The STS (Switch to Side) mount is faster and more maneuverable than ever, providing a secure position at the user’s discretion.

Get the precision and improved quality you need when accuracy and timing have to be precise; modify your weapon for top performance today!