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Thermal vision devices are generally used by security personnel, first responders, & trackers, and for hunting & surveillance purposes too.

Short Description:

  • Compact and durable design unlike traditional devices, which were extremely cumbersome – fits easily in jacket pockets.
  • Repels water and is submersible to a certain extent.
  • Can withstand bumps and scrapes due to sturdy and shockproof structure.
  • Detection ability ranges over 800 yards – thick forests, dense foods, and heavy foliage can be penetrated via thermal imaging techniques.



  • A 320 * 240 resolution with its micro display imparts amazing clarity and detail, thereby allowing you to spot targets with more accuracy and precision.
  • Concurrent recording can be done via the video port – get instantaneous and sharp images.
  • Provides excellent visibility in low light and harsh weather conditions.
  • Battery-operated, it can run efficiently for several hours without affecting performance.

These types of equipment are also helpful to law enforcement agencies for crime detection and prevention of theft.