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Vortex StrikeFire 2

Vortex StrikeFire Overview

Unless you plan on going into an operation unprepared you absolutely need a good sight that works at various brightness settings, is extremely durable and will last you for quite a while. The Vortex StrikeFire is certainly a sight to look out for as far as all the previous things are concerned. It is made with a standard 30 millimeter tube, making it possible to mount on most typical extensions. The one piece tube design makes this sight extremely durable and shock proof. It is also waterproof and is not in the least hindered by fog or moisture thanks to its special coating. The scope comes with two protective lens covers.

It works with a 4MOA DOT. The windage and elevation of the Vortex StrikeFire can be easily adjusted to your preferences with a simple dial. This amazing sight is certain to please even the harshest of critics and most experienced veterans with its superior design, simple practicality and extremely good vision enhancement. So, unless you wish to work with less than you deserve, you should look into buying one of these amazing sights for yourself. Because we all know that a customized weapon is a superior weapon and what best to customize your weapon with than a Vortex StrikeFire sight!


What People are saying about the Vortex Strikefire 2 Red Dot Sight

New to using red dots

I'm new to the AR platform and red dots. Bought this Vortex Strikefire 2 based on reviews. I took it to the range yesterday, and it performed great. I was shooting in the 30 to the 40-yard range to get a feel for it. Made a slight adjustment and it was right on target.

- Bart

Buy and recommend with confidence

I was looking for an optic to put on my 458 SOCOM. All that I tried, it ate within 5 to seven shots. I had a Vortex Strikefire II in my safe and gave it a try. It has been running without a hitch, and never loses zero. I am now buying the strike fire II. If it can take the SOCOM, you know its a beast of an optic.

- danny

Vortex strikefire II products continue to impress

For the money, you can't beat the quality here. It works, it's accurate, they have a fantastic warranty, and it's an American Company. If you're not using your weapon for daily use, or even if you are... it's still a great buy!

- Stefan

The vortex strikefire 2 is a very nice red dot

I've had mine vortex strikefire 2 red dot sight for a couple of years now with very little usage. Took it to Front Sight 4-day course last week and shot about 500 rounds. It had stayed zeroed at 100 yards sitting in the safe, and I used it out to 200 with good accuracy. Shots in a 3" x 4" headbox at 25 yards isn't difficult at all when the correct amount of holdover is used. Today I fired another 300 rounds at a match. Except for once, when I didn't use the correct amount of holdover on overlapping targets, I had zero misses. The 90 yard 8" steel plates were 1 for 1. I like it.