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Vortex Red Dot & Holographic Sights

Vortex Red Dot & Holographic Sights

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Choosing the Best Vortex Red Dot Sight

The Red dot scopes from Vortex is most certainly an excellent accessory for any rifle, and we will tell you exactly why you should consider purchasing a Vortex red dot scope today. Not only do Vortex red dot scopes come with a fantastic high-quality for such an affordable price tag, but these scopes also boasts a wide range of amazing features that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Anti-reflective coatings and multi-coated lenses

Red dot scopes from Vortex all feature multi-coated lenses. This has been featured on all of their scopes to help you improve effective light transmission. The red dot scopes also come with a form of anti-reflective coatings which is designed to help reduce the overall level of glare. Just these two incredible features alone turn these red dot scopes from Vortex into highly useful pieces of equipment even in environments that may be in low contrast and low light. Some of the red dot scope models from Vortex also feature a nifty night vision mode too, which is excellent news for nighttime hunters.

Parallax-free design

The red dot scopes from Vortex also come with a unique feature which is a parallax-free design. This unique design helps to eliminate error from parallax shooting (almost a form of optical illusion created by many scopes). This means that the red dot scopes from Vortex provider users with a far greater and faster firing using both eyes open.

Adjustable red dot intensity and brightness

The red dot scopes from Vortex feature an exceptionally easy to use adjustable red dot intensity and brightness setting. The scopes all feature individual buttons that have been designed to increase and decrease both the power and brightness. This makes the scopes exceptionally useful in a wide variety of different lighting conditions. The brightness and intensity settings are also a great way to help you regulate the scope’s battery consumption. When placed on the maximum intensity and brightness settings, scopes from Vortex is capable of running up to 200 hours on battery.

Automatic scope shutoff feature

All of the red dot scopes that have been designed by Vortex are all programmed explicitly with an incredibly useful automatic shutoff feature. This feature is capable of turning off the red dot scope after a few hours if it is no more extended senses that it is in use. This fantastic feature helps to reduce optional battery significantly drains if you may forget to switch off the scope, or the scope is accidentally switched on.

Vortex red dope scope features across the model range.

  • All scopes feature multi-coated lenses that are capable of providing it's user with far clearer and brighter images for accurate sighting.

  • All scopes are built to be durable and to last with uninterrupted performance, allowing you to shoot without the need to be or to think too much about the overall welfare of the scope during poor conditions or during heavy or rough use.

  • All scopes with Vortex’s guaranteed quality assurance which includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Popular Vortex Red Dot Sights:

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  • Vortex red dot sight
  • Vortex red dots
  • \Holographic sight vortex
  • AR holographic sight

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