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The red-dots sights from Aimpoint Hunter are perfect fits for wild big game hunting. They don’t have any magnification, as a result the sights can readily be used with both eyes open, without having to re-find your target again through the sight of the tube. With Aimpoint sights, there is no need to take your eyes off the target whatsoever. All you have to do is lift the firearm to your shoulder and red dot will automatically be in your line of vision. Just keep your red dot sight settled on your target and you can have a perfect shot.

If you’re in a countryside where there is a lot of brush covers and terrain, a long shot with a firearm like the muzzleloader is fairly impossible due to the limitations of the gun. However, a red-dot sight is much more fitted for that target than an ordinary reticle scope.

Nevertheless, there is one thing you should be aware of with all red-dot sights. Your aim is impaired as you get further away from the target. The dot has a certain width and will have difficulty steadily focusing on your target as it gets away the more. But, if you make the dot brighter, the glow of it covers a lot more distance. The Aimpoint Hunter is a very fine dot when compared to the others on the marketplace. The dot have the capability of dialling very well to 2 minutes of angle, and that’s roughly 4 inches at 200 yards. When you dial the brightness control all the way back, the dot is nearly transparent at 100 yards thereby making for your adjusting of the rifle to the center of the dot.

Since 1975, Aimpoint has been making red-dot sights and have sold thousands of them to non-military personnel and more than 1.5 million to the United States Army. There are a lot of specifications with the Aimpoint Hunter series that you won’t find with the other smaller brands of red dots and this is not something to be overlooked. The Aimpoint Hunter is completely waterproofed plus the windage and elevation screws are never recessed Allen wrench holes. The Hunter series have click very adjustable dials, just like the typical scope with flipped over cap dials used for their adjustment. They also come with their own fitted rings, as well as adjustment tool. They are very durable and can be compared to no other, just like the ones issued to the United States Army.

More still, the Aimpoint Hunters comes with 10 years warranty and they claim that the Lithium 2032 battery life is measurable. But, truth be told, the Aimpoint Hunters has an edge over all those other smaller sights. You can try out this Hunter and then compare it with other less expensive choices out there and see for yourself how perfect the Hunter red-dot sight is. It’s a well thought-out and professional optic that any hunter would want to have.