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Aimpoint Comp M4
    Aimpoint Comp M4
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    • Aimpoint Comp M4
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      UPC: 7350004381395
      Manufacturer: Aimpoint

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    Aimpoint Comp M4 Red Dot Sight

    The Aimpoint Comp M4 Red Dot sight has undoubtedly garnered a considerable amount of attention since it was first introduced. A complete system that helps you find the target, the M4 is undoubtedly one of the better red dot sights on the market today.

    Complete System: The Aimpoint Comp M4 Red Dot Sight comes with a QRP2 mount along with a standard spacer for the AR-15. Also included are the killFlash anti-reflection unit and the MILSPEC rubber lens covers as well. Integral Mount System: This sight offers an integral mount which does not need a separate ring and can be used with forwarding and vertical spacers to fit a great variety of weapon systems.
    Third Generation Night Vision Technology: The Comp M4 Red Dot Sight can be used by those who need night vision capabilities. In fact, the performance of the M4 Red Dot Sight is enhanced by all types of night vision units but is perfectly matched for the third generation type of these devices.

    Clear, Bright Image: The unique coating on the front lens helps to reflect the selected frequency of the red light which approaches total efficiency. This way, the most illumination is possible for the red dot while using the least amount of energy. This also means that the other wavelengths that are in the visible and near-infrared area of the spectrum will pass with few reductions. In this manner, the brightest image is possible when combined with third generation night vision devices.

    Ready 24/7: Thanks to the 7 NVD compatible brightness settings that include nine settings for daylight and an additional one for extra bright days, the CompM4 is ready to be used at any time of the day or night.
    Standard Features Included for all Aimpoint Sights.


    • Unlimited Eye Relief & Field of View
    • Parallax Free
    • Tough, durable construction
    • Works under extreme weather conditions
    • Laser emission easy on the eyes
    • More confidence in aiming
    • No Hazardous materials used in construction

    The high battery compartment is certainly one of the most unique features of the CompM4, but there are other features as well that help make this particular product special.

    • 80,000 hours of daytime operations all on a single AA battery
    • 500,000 hours on NVD setting
    • All AA batteries will work in the M4
    • Compatible with all generations of night vision devices
    • 9 Daylight Settings and 7 NVD Settings
    • Mount Base will absorb recoil thanks to its design
    • Mount Base connects direction into the sight, no separate screws needed
    • Two MOA dot for long distance and close combat uses
    • 2x clamping force for QRP2 mount w/mounting knob being wider and shorter for better operational control.
    • Unparalleled light transmission
    • Works well with Aimpoint 3XMag
    • Works under 150 feet of water
    • Includes vertical spacer
    • Threaded front lens opening for adding killFlash anti-reflective unit
    • In US Army, called M68CCO
    • Mechanical switch assists reliability and speed
    • Use as carry handle adaptor for M16
    • Adjustment caps are improved, easier to remove and protect against impact

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