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The Aimpoint pro is an amazing device made with the input of specialized professional and demanding customers. In today's challenging law enforcement scene something new was needed to keep the operators safe and ahead of the enemy. The Aimpoint pro was designed especially for that purpose and for whoever else might need such a super efficient optic device.

One of the most interesting features of the Aimpoint pro is its amazing circuitry, which is safely housed within a hard-anodized 30mm tube. This circuitry can keep your sight running for 3 years without shutting down with the use of a single battery. This efficiency allows the operator to use the sight immediately in an emergency, without needing to turn it on first. The battery changing day and maintenance appointment is clearly marked on the equipment, so you won't forget it easily.

The Aimpoint pro can be easily integrated onto your rail by snapping the knob of the QRP2 rail grabber mount three times. It is designed not to damage the rail in any way, like many other mounts, leaving your equipment intact. The modular mounts helps you co-witness with iron sights found on AR16/M16/M4 carbine style weapons. The spacer can be easily removed so that the Aimpoint pro can be used on shotguns and sub-machine guns.

The lenses are protected by two flip covers and a rear transparent cover can help you use your sight in an emergency, even if the lenses are closed. The lenses are placed deeper within the casing so that there is no danger of damaging them with scratches, fingerprints or dirt. The hard casing also makes the Aimpoint waterproof up to 150 feet under water and allows it to endure most real world situations.

The Aimpoint pro can be used together with any generation of night vision device thanks to its front lens band-pass coating. The Aimpoint uses a 2 minute of angle setting, which allows maximum accuracy at long distances, very quickly. In fact the Aimpoint pro is faster to acquire your targets and allows high chance of hitting with your first shot than any other device of its kind. So get yours soon if you want the best there is!