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BOBRO Mount | BOBRO Engineering - ON SALE

BOBRO Mount | BOBRO Engineering - ON SALE

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About Bobro Mounts

Bobro Engineering deals with the manufacturing and design of small arms equipment relating to mechanical engineering. The manufacturing process takes place at their advanced and modern in house facilities. We operate with complete CNC machinery and own several finishing equipment metal coating.

Company History

Bobro Engineering was founded in Santa Barbara, Califonia in 1999 by Andrew Bobro, a former United States Army who served with the military for 10 years. Bobro started making versions for braking systems, magnesium and other products related to the motorcycle racing industry. He had gained valuable experience in manufacturing and engineering of products like the motorcycle racing which are subject to certain standards because of the overheating and stress they accommodate.

Bobro has been producing and designing small arms equipment since 2000. In 2002, Bobro Engineering started working with a California special purpose laser manufacturer and was able to produce the design used in the manufacturing of the laser arrays and instruments. Bobro has been producing dedicated articles for instance, toxic waste control interface and metrology equipment. Later, Bobor Engineering started building and designing advance assemblies like tiny gears made from platinum used in the assembly of semiconductors as well as index systems made for electron beam guns.

Most products that Bobro Engineering now produces are made of high state of the art equipment designed and manufactured specifically to withstand overheating and other stress.

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