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BOBRO Sights

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Bobro Engineering’s new Lowrider Sights are small, but they have some great features. The weight of both the front and rear end is about 1.7 ounces together. However, that the Lowrider Sights are small doesn’t mean they can’t deliver. According to Bobro, the sights pivot with zero slop. More still, all the Sights’ adjustments have secondary locks to make sure that they stay zeroed once they are zeroed. The Lowrider Sights are so small that Bobro had to develop a different new rail clamp design to support them.

Design Features

  • Locks on opening
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile

Fits under optics/mounts

Customer Review:

I purchased on Black Friday from MSP, and I Am Quite Happy with the purchase. The sight adjustment right in front has infinite adjustments as opposed to 1 click so MOA adjustments could be made rapidly and more than most. I purchased these more than a month ago. The first set had a back detent that didn't offer you a lockup that is favorable for the view, which had about 20-degree range that it would move around while available. Being the problem-solving type, I tried to fix it, but couldn't. The problem did not get worse, but wasn't able to be fixed with the minimum quantity of material.I emailed Bobro asking if I could buy a brand new rear sight base. Instead, they just asked for my mailing address and two Day UPSed a whole new rear sight, which functions 100%. More than satisfied with the item, and the consumer support is top of the lineup. You cannot go wrong with these sights in case you are looking for the cheapest profile option.