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The Bobro ACOG Mount uses a single BLAC lever system, and the mounting station would be to Trijicon factory dimensions. The height of mount is also to Trijicon mill dimensions. The mount is entirely inside the manufacturer's specifications and will work with the ACOG. It's assembled from Aluminum metal 606T6 and hard anodized at Mil-Spec. It's 3.5 inches long with two mounting fastener allocations. It may be configured for left/right lever positioning. It uses a single Bobro mechanical indicator and uses the factory provided a fastener for attachment to the mount body. It includes the patent pending BLAC lever system that requires no adjustment to attain a rock involvement on a 1913 Picatinny rail. The Quick Detach attribute enables you to rapidly remove or replace your mind without loss of zero.

Customer Review:

I have been utilizing Bobro mounts for a while now. I am honestly shocked that they are known. They're very well constructed. They are straightforward to use, one well-secured lever. They're rock solid and go back to zero better than many. I cannot say enough great things about the Bobro mounts. All I will say is you have to use one to get the full feeling. I have used them on several firearms out of 460 S&W Mag hand guns, many ACOGs plus they all have served well.

On my 308 I have a Sniper 12 x 42 range with this Bobro mount. It's zeroed in at 200. I fired a couple of rounds at 200 in a great group. I took the scope off the rifle and while it was away up it to 500 yards. I then put the scope back on the rifle and hit a ram shape center of mass we've at the range which naturally is at 500 yards several times. I then took the scope redialed down to 300 places it back on and hit the snowball shape we have. I was very impressed with how this mount held its zero.

Quite impressive. Received by BoBro Trijicon Mount on time. I'm using this mount on my Daniel Defense M12. That is a fast release and attach mount that's machined, strong, easy to mount on ACOG and after that to 1913 Picatinny Rail. Can help to help in rapid changing between distinct optics. Researching detach scope that is quick and Trijicon mounts I came round the Bobro name which I'd never heard about, but most of reviews and comparisons were leading. Came across a TA02 in a great price, so I went ahead and picked this up Bobro mount to go with this. It's precision grade and connects solidly on Rock River and AAC uppers. Haven't been to the range still to test zero following a remove and replace but I'm confident that it'll purpose in addition to anything else can. Highly recommend!.

Alt Description:

  • bobro mini acog mount
  • trijicon bobro mount
  • tall acog mount
  • mini acog mount
  • acog picatinny mount
  • picatinny acog