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Aimpoint Magnifer

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Aimpoint 3X Magnifier

When in need of quickly advancing your aim from a typical CQB situation to semi-sniping you need a magnifier like Aimpoint 3X. This amazing device can improve your accuracy and targeting distance in a very short amount of time and it is extremely easy to integrate onto your weapon.

The Aimpoint magnifier 3X can simply be combined and used behind a typical Aimpoint sight to improve long distance visibility and targeting. It is easily placed onto an Aimpoint twist mount or your typical Piccatiny rail. It could also be placed on a typical 30 mm ring. The Aimpoint 3x magnifier can also be used as a discrete handheld looking glass when needed.

There is no need to re-zero your sight with this amazing little device, as it doesn’t influence your point of impact at all. So if you want to improve your flexibility, targeting distance and aiming confidence you should try out the Aimpoint 3X magnifier as soon as possible.