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Over the past decades, piston-driven AR systems have accumulated a great deal of attention because of their capacity to deliver running credibility comparable to the exceptionally reliable piston based AK platform. Among the numerous advantages of the AK, the system has been its own piston based operation that isolates performance gas pressures in the front to the rifle away from the shooter and bolt and trigger group. This piston-based system delivers a cooler and better running AK gun that produces reliability. Some bright people figured out ways to move that piston system within the AR-15 platform hence combining the truth of the AR-15 system with the credibility of the AK.

Some businesses were offering a short and long stroke piston system. Long Stroke systems have the ops rod connected to the bolt carrier like Tavors and AKs. Op rods aren't connected to bolt support on short stroke systems. The main compromise between the two is the designs of the long-stroke system are heavier but supply an integrated gas design that bleeds off-gases. The brand new Superlative Arms system extends this bleed off the ability to a minimal profile Brief Stroke system all while nevertheless providing gas pressure adjustment. Let me point out that Superlative Arms is the co-patent holder of the design offered by Syrac Ordnance and was also its partner of the Syrac adjustable gas block and Piston system product line. Superlative Arms might have been supplying its range of plastic gas cubes, and piston systems identical to Syrac's nevertheless they developed their very own unique gas bleed-off design. Superlative Arms bleed system is offered in a direct impingement adjustable gas block and in the co short stroke low profile gas system. Though there are similarities, Superlative Arms is on the marketplace with their very own systems.