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AR-15 Gas Block

AR-15 Gas Block

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AR Gas Blocks

There is nothing like having a high caliber AR-15 Gas Block to accompany your firearm, as it makes for the utmost functionality of your weapon.

There are various kinds of AR Gas Blocks available, each which might or might not work with the optics you're considering for the weapon. Usually, with optics, a low profile style gas block is a great option for an AR15. Nevertheless, there is also flip up and also a framework FSB type of gas Blocks.

These AR gas blocks can be attached with a pin, clamp with a set screw along with bolts, either alternative will offer the secure hold that's required to maintain this component in place through the fast firing of the weapon. There are also adjustable gas cubes. These advance the capability to fire, help to restrict recoil, plus they can be adjusted to control the amount of gas flow throughout the system, allowing customization of the shooting experience.

We offer adjustable and low profile AR-15 gas blocks with the choice for sight blocks for the front made available as well.

The contrast between substandard quality and a premium AR Gas Block is indisputable. At MSP, we only offer AR15 Gas Blocks from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

Popular AR-15 Gas Blocks:

  1. AR 15 Adjustable Gas Block
    1. Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block 750 - AR-15 gas block adjusts the gas flow by bleeding the gas out of the block instead of restricting the flow like conventional adjustable blocks.
    2. Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block 750 Clamp On
    3. Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block .625
    4. Superlative Arms .936 adjustable gas block
    5. Superlative Arms .625 adjustable gas block
    6. Superlative Arms .875 Adjustable Gas Block
  2. Aim Sports Micro Gas Block - Low profile micro gas block fits .750 barrels.
  3. PRI Railed Gas Block - Has a 2 1/2" top rail same plain as the reciever.
  4. PRI Front Sight Gas Block - Flip Up Front Sight w/ .750" Crossbolt Design FUFS-B Fits Barrels
  5. PRI .750 gas block - low profile gas block for .750 diameter barrel is constructed of 1141 high strength steel
  6. PRI .625 gas block flip up sight - Flip Up Front Sight w/ .625" Crossbolt Design FUFS-B Fits Barrels .625" dia
  7. Sadlak Extended Gas Block - Low Profile Extended Nose & Enclosed Gas Tube Hol
  8. Sadlak Picatinny Rail Gas Block - GB140A Clamp-type High Picatinny Rail Gas Block
  9. Sadlak Clamp On Gas Block - made in the USA by craftsmen with years of experience delivering consistent quality.
  10. PRI .875 gas block - Low Profile Gas Block are constructed of high strength steel.
  11. PRI Stainless Steel Gas Block - Constructed gas block for the AR15 - M16 .750 diameter bore.
  12. Samson Lightweight Gas Block - Lightweight Low-Profile gas block to be as light as possible.
  13. PRI .936 Gas Block - Constructed of high strength steel.
  14. Sadlak AR15 Clamp On Gas Block - .936" Inside Diameter,

Alt Description:

  • AR gas block
  • Adjustable gas block
  • AR 15 adjustable gas block
  • Low profile adjustable gas block
  • Adjustable gas block ar15
  • .750 gas block
  • 625 gas block
  • .875 adjustable gas block
  • clamp on front sight gas block

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