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Burris Optics Collection at Mounts Plus

Discover precision, clarity, and unparalleled performance with our exclusive range of Burris Optics. At Mounts Plus, we bring you the best of Burris, ensuring every shot counts.

Why Choose Burris Optics?

Precision Crafted: Every product under the Burris Optics banner is meticulously designed, offering the perfect blend of features and performance for both hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Lifetime Assurance: With Burris Optics, you're not just buying a product; you're making a lifetime investment. Each optic is built to last and comes with a guarantee that stands testament to its quality.

Innovation Meets Excellence: From the groundbreaking XTR Pro series to the versatile Veracity PH, Burris Optics is at the forefront of optical innovation, ensuring you always have the edge.

Featured Burris Optics Products at Mounts Plus

  1. Veracity PH: Experience the future of hunting optics. Integrated with the BurrisConnect app, the Veracity PH offers a comprehensive view, displaying all essential information in a single sight picture.

  2. XTR Pro: Dive into a world of unmatched clarity and precision with the XTR Pro series, exclusively designed by Burris Optics for the discerning shooter.

  3. Signature Rangefinders: Measure distances with pinpoint accuracy. The Burris Optics Signature Rangefinders are a must-have for every serious hunter.

  4. Thermal Riflescope: Elevate your night hunting adventures with the state-of-the-art thermal riflescope from Burris Optics.

Mounts Plus: Your Trusted Burris Optics Dealer

When it comes to Burris Optics, Mounts Plus is the name you can trust. Our curated selection ensures that you get authentic, top-quality products every time. Whether you're gearing up for your next hunt or refining your shooting skills, rely on Burris Optics from Mounts Plus for unmatched performance.