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AR Lights [ON SALE] AR15 Flashlight

AR Lights [ON SALE] AR15 Flashlight

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Choosing the Best Tactical AR Light

Operating in the dark can be an experience that is equally thrilling as it is dangerous. Low visibility has been many times the reason for failed operations and horrible accidents. You always want to have the upper hand over your enemy or opponent, so you should make sure that when you need night-time visibility, you will have it. On our site among the many AR-15 Accessories, we offer you a vast list of specially designed lights for AR's for that can easily be adapted onto your weapon. Our AR-15 flashlights are made from durable materials to withstand any operation, even under the harshest weather conditions. They come in various sizes and even with an array of different accessories attached to them. Depending on where you want to place your flashlight on your weapon and with how many accessories you want to combine it, we have something for every type of choice. Get your flashlight for the AR-15 now, and you won’t regret it during those night operations ahead! Give us a try, you will descover that MSP is the best place to find a ar tactical light for sale.

What people are saying about these AR15 Lights:

Will buy again

Got the streamlight 88058 for my Geissele URGI build. This Ar15 light rests on the right side of the gun, to its immediate left is a 45 degree offset front sight, which works great with the light. In the rear is my EOTech which works well with the long as the setting is not turned all the way down, if it is the light will overpower the reticle. The light shines about 100 yards, which for all my types of range targets it's perfect, would trust my life with this light, you won't be disappointed. Plus it can use a cr 123 or aa battery, nice price as well.



Decent weapon light for the price.

I typically buy the other brand of AR lights, but the streamlight protac 1 was on sale, and I decided to give it a try. The AR15 light work is decent for home defense and 25 yards or less on the range at night. I like the two battery options as you can't always find CR123's but they obviously last longer than a AA. Three different mounting options are included. The MIL-STD 1913 Pic rail mounting clips take 10 spaces on your rail but the remote switch fits loosely. You could trim the sides down and get it to fit into 9 spaces tightly, but I opted for the double-sided taper option and zip-ties. The dual option switch is nice, but it activates very quickly. I have to drop the battery out when I put it into a case. It's a minor complaint. Overall I think its a good value and lets you get a good light mounted at a low entry price.



Good all round ar 15 flashlight

This streamlight protac rail mount flashlight provides a decently bright beam with decent beam length and good flood. I like that it can use both AA and 123A batteries. The beam is more brilliant with 123A and has longer run time. I have used this in the rain a few times without issue, but I have not submerged it in water. The price is very reasonable, and it is worth the price. Good ar15 flashlight for personal defense, hunting, training, and even LEOs, but I would recommend surefire for soldiers and extreme duty use.


Yes, i would buy the Streamlight protac hl again

Placed the Streamlight protac hl on my AR15. It works great. It lights up my nieghbor's front yard across the street. It lights up an entire room in the house. My experience with the larger stream lights in the past is that they take a beating. The price was excellent.


Bright & Made Well

I usually get SF for all my AR lights. I reached out to a friend who is an Armorer, and he said he had been running this light for the past few years. The Streamlight hl-x light exceeded my expectations and lit up my whole backyard. It was also quite a saving over a SF.



Quality light

I mounted the streamlight protac hl-x on a AR15 used for home defense. The attached mounting bracket is sufficiently sturdy for my needs nd the tape switch mounted to the top of my quad rail is both easy to access or easy to avoid with a thumb-forward or palm up grip. The AR15 light also comes with a tail cap button if the tape switch is not suitable for your purposes. Very bright for indoor or outdoor use. I've owned several Streamlight products with no complaints.


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