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Magpul PRS

Magpul PRS

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When operating a rifle, precision and stability are what’s most important! The slightest slip or instability during recoil will translate into failure. The first shot might be the one that decides the whole battle, so being prepared to fire your best shot first is paramount. One way to improve a standard rifle to have better durability, stability, and accuracy is to equip a better buttstock. This is where Magpul comes in.

Magpul produces very high-quality buttstocks for rifles, which are easy to use, safe and well designed. The product line covers almost all types of mainstream rifles and improves their profile quite a bit. Firstly, of all, the quality of the materials used to manufacture the Magpul rifle stocks is top of the notch, replacing cheap plastic stocks and increasing the durability of your weapon by a wide margin. Secondly, the stocks allow you to adjust your LOP, without sacrificing stability or strength. Lastly, Magpul rifle stocks will enable you to change cheek risers and butt-pads on them to increase comfort.

Magpul rifle stocks come with their rubber butt-pad, which prevents the weapon from slipping off the shoulder. This is extremely important when the operator wears slippery equipment like armor or works in adverse weather conditions (i.e., mud and rain). For increased friction you can replace the butt-pad for an even steadier one, just by ordering one of the special butt-pads of Magpul like the Magpul PRS extended rubber butt-pad 0.88” or the Magpul PRS extended rubber buttpad 0.80”.
Any rifle operator knows that to get the most out of your weapon, you must customize it to your liking. Magpul has something for every need and desire. Create your perfect rifle with Magpul products!

What people are saying about the Magpul PRS:

Great Stock

I bought this Magpul PRS stock for my Ruger Precision Rifle. Much better than the original one. It is a great deal more comfortable. The adjustments feel very sturdy and hold their place. Installation is a breeze and only takes a few minutes. Very well built.

Magpul Gen3 PRS

Well built, easy to install, functions flawlessly for a taller shooter. The only drawback is adjustments are not very fast/fluid, but then again, you should be able to "set it and forget it." MSP was by far the best price and had it in stock. Shipping was fast and free.

Have already bought another one

The great Magpul stock is a little long from my frame, but after some reconfiguration on the guns forend grip, it is a great fit. Feels natural when putting it on my shoulder, and it’s solid as a rock. I know it has improved my accuracy with my Ruger 762

Great precision rifle stock, couple flaws

The Magpul PRS stock is fantastic for the bench and prone. Fits nicely into your shoulder, and it handles .308 recoil well. I like the adjustable butt pad, but I wish it were slightly shorter. I have a LOP of 14.5, and this stock still feels long for me if I am doing anything other than shooting prone. The fit and finish are exceptional and, indeed, a quality stock. One beautiful thing they added was the flush cups from the last iteration, much better, in my opinion(at least for me). Wish Magpul would have hidden the Pic rail under the bottom again, I do not want to have to don/doff the pic rail every time I want to use a Mono.

Great stock

The robust stock I have one on my 224 Valkyrie and love it. It is, however, not very light, but for something you're going to be shooting from a bench or prone, it’s excellent. The mloc on the bottom could be a little beefier I’ve rounded it out a little on mine.

Magpul PRS

Great stock. If you don't mind the weight, there is none better. Plenty of adjustment. A well made and durable stock. Installation was simple, and the fit was great. No slop or unwanted movement. Highly recommend for any rifle build.

Buttstock prs

The Magpul prs buttstock went on without a hitch. It was mounted to a rifle stock aero precision rifle. No issues! Great fit! Extremely comfortable pad. I will not be feeling the recoil from my 6.5 creed.

Great stock

Can't go wrong with Magpul products! Super easy installation on my LMT MWS 308. It's only two screws — significant adjustments for the perfect sight picture. The only thing is it is much dense than I anticipated, but oh well! It still looks great and is a high-quality stock for long distant shooting.


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