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Choosing Barrett Scope Rings

We have an ongoing goal to provide our customers with all the latest and greatest in Barrett riflescope mounts, rings, and bases which means you can rest assured knowing that we have a wide variety of fantastic product types readily available for you.

Barrett’s high-tech scope rings provide you with the perfect interface between your rifle and scope with Barrett’s technology. Barrett also provides ZERO-GAP technology too which has become increasingly popular. Manufactured from aluminum alloy, Barrett’s scope rings offer a tight grip even under some of the most massive levels of recoil without adding unwanted and additional weight to your setup and equipment.

Barrett manufacturer and provide a wide range of high-quality scope rings and come through a wide range and affordable spectrum of various prices. Which means you will no doubt find something that is suitable for you, your setup and also your bank balance. Barrett scope rings are also available in a variety of sizes from 30 mm through to 34mm and a wide range of heights, which offers the user the perfect fit for pretty much everything from a high-mounted and large objective optic on your tactical rifle to a low-mounted and action-hugging scope on your hunting rifle.

What’s more is that Barrett’s scope rings bespoke technology allows for an extended range of ring sets that are capable of utilizing a riflescope’s exact internal elevation adjustment which is done by aligning your scope for incredibly long range shooting. Barrett's technology provides the user with absolute holding power for all forms of heavy scopes under some of the harshest recoil.

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