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30mm Extra High Scope Rings

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If you need to mount a high-power optic on your rifle but have limited space between the barrel and the optic, you may need extra high scope rings. These scope rings provide a higher mounting platform for optics, allowing you to clear any obstructions and get a clear sight picture.

Extra high scope rings are a common choice for Picatinny rails, as they offer a stable and sturdy platform for attaching various scopes and other optics. When shopping for extra high scope rings for your Picatinny rail, choosing a high-quality product that will provide a solid and stable mounting platform for your optics is essential. Look for durable construction, precision machined fit, and a secure locking mechanism to keep your optic in place.

One of the advantages of using extra high scope rings is their compatibility with different optics. Many popular scope brands offer 30mm models, and these rings can also be used to mount other types of optics like red dot sights and laser sights.

In addition to their compatibility and durability, extra high scope rings also offer a versatile mounting solution for a range of rifle setups. They can be used on different Picatinny rails and other mounting systems, making them suitable for any rifle setup.

Overall, extra high-scope rings are reliable and durable for mounting high-power optics on your rifle, particularly when you need to clear any obstructions or have limited space between the barrel and the optic. Choose a high-quality product for a secure and stable mounting platform that will keep your optics performing at their best.

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