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Ruger M77 & M77 Mark II Scope Rings

Ruger M77 & M77 Mark II Scope Rings

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Ruger M77 Scope Rings: Precision, Durability, and Fit at MountsPlus

Step into MountsPlus, your trusted hub for the finest Ruger M77 and M77 Mark II scope rings. Designed to complement the legendary Ruger M77 series, our scope rings promise impeccable fit, stability, and longevity.

Highlighting Our Ruger M77 Scope Rings Collection:

  1. Leupold Ruger M77 34mm Scope Rings: Tailored for precision, ensuring a seamless fit.
  2. Leupold RM 30mm Extended Ruger M77 Scope Rings: Extended design catering to diverse optic configurations.
  3. Leupold RM 1" Ruger M77 Scope Rings: A blend of tradition and durability.
  4. Leupold RM 1" Extended Ruger M77 Scope Rings: Extra reach, perfect for specialized optic setups.

Why MountsPlus is the Go-To for Ruger M77 Scope Rings:

  • Tailored Precision: Exclusively designed for Ruger M77 and M77 Mark II, guaranteeing an impeccable fit.
  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Constructed from premium aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, ensuring lasting performance.
  • Flexibility at Its Best: Our quick-detach options offer effortless removal and reattachment, catering to dynamic shooting needs.
  • Esteemed Brands: Featuring renowned brands like Leupold, we ensure you receive nothing but the best.

Hear From Our Loyal Customers:

  • "The Leupold 34mm rings are a perfect match for my Ruger M77. Outstanding quality!" - Brian T.
  • "Chose the extended 30mm rings for my setup. The craftsmanship is unparalleled." - Sarah W.
  • "For Ruger M77 scope rings, MountsPlus is my top pick. Exceptional range and quality!" - Gary L.

Embark on a Precision Journey

Dive into our curated collection of Ruger M77 and M77 Mark II scope rings. Whether you're a seasoned hunter, a precision shooter, or a firearm aficionado, our offerings ensure unmatched accuracy and stability. Explore and elevate your Ruger M77 experience today!


If you would like to convert your Ruger M77 with to a rail system, take a look at our Ruger M77 Scope Mount

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The distinction between inferior quality and premium Ruger M77 Scope Rings is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Scope Rings from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.