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Remington 700 Scope Mounts | Remington 700 Scope Base

Remington 700 Scope Mounts | Remington 700 Scope Base

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Choosing the Best Remington 700 Scope Base for Your Rifle

The Remington 700, since its introduction in 1962, has been a top pick for bolt-action rifle enthusiasts. Known for its durability and reliability, it has become a favorite among veterans and collectors. However, like any mass-produced item, some parts of the Remington 700 might not meet the desired standards or may wear out over time. This has led to a surge in the availability of Remington 700 accessories, especially the Remington 700 scope base, which is essential for enhancing the rifle's performance.

A rifle, primarily used for mid to long-range shooting, requires a high-quality scope. The effectiveness of the scope is directly influenced by the quality of its mount. The Remington 700 scope base plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the scope remains steady, enhancing the shooter's accuracy. Our collection offers sturdy Remington 700 scope mounts that fit seamlessly with the rifle, ensuring optimal performance.

Customer Reviews on Remington 700 Scope Base:

Very Solid

EGW makes a very solid remington 700 scope base, as good as more expensive rails I have on other rifles. Helps for long range shooting. Currently on my Remington 700 P and I am very pleased with its performance thus far.


Keep the scope zeroed

I bought the remington 700 scope mount to put it on a new model 700 .270 Win. It has been two years without a problem. Holds a solid base and helps keep the scope zeroed. Infact I just bought another one for a new model 700 .308 Win.


I will buy again

I really like these EGW remington 700 scope mounts. Very strong. I like that they're thick. I can use lower rings with this mount. I have them on all my Remington 700's. Including a 300 ultramag. Holds up great.


No bedding needed

I researched the internet for a scope rail....for my Remington 700 PRS build. mounted this EGW Scope Mount on the rifle did all the check for spacing. This rail was flush and tight to the rifle. No Bedding needed! save me some time.


Best remington 700 scope base

Mounted this EGW base on a Remington 700 LTR .308 Win With Burris Extreme Tactical Rings fired my first round windage was perfect! I only had to adjust for vertical. I'd say the mounting holes were excellent with the bore.


Solid Product But A Bit Too Long

Mounted this remington 700 picatinny rail to my long action rifle. Fit was perfect but the rail itself is a bit long. This turned out to be only a minor problem but did limit how far back I could slide my scope. The overhang of the rail past the barrel nut will contact the scope's bell. This is dependent on the height of the rings - the lower the rings the more pronounced the problem. After some fiddling, I was able to get my scope positioned correctly without having to cut off the end of the rail. One item to note is that this rail offers a little bit of height to the mounting. In my case, this was something I wanted in order to raise the centerline of my scope to a comfortable height. This is not a defect or anything, and made this mount work for me. I wish EGW would make a standard length rail as well as this unit. This is the only reason I gave it four stars.


GreatScope base

As advertised. Fit great on Remington 700 in 7mm rem mag. Big fan of the one piece base, especially on magnum rifles, because I'm confident my scope rings will stay in line even with heavier recoil and typical abuse a rifle takes during a hunt


Not bad for the money

Mounting this EGW Remington 700 one piece scope mount to a 700BDL I did find the overhang on the end of the mount (past the barrel nut) did cause mounting interference. My scope bell was hitting on it. I could not move the scope forward because then the eyepiece would hit the other end of the mount. I had to carefully cut the overhang off with a dremel tool and magic marker the new end to be black. Pretty simple fix but why is that overhang even there; I can't imagine ever mounting a ring that far onto the mount.
I also agree that the screws are soft. That was my first try, to remove the base. Nope. I use blue loctite on my bases and the first screw stripped when trying to remove it. So yes, head the not install this base unless you are sure it is not going to have to be removed. Maybe it is not a problem with loctite, not sure. Finally, the gaps on the rail do seem to be wider than they need to be. I was able to use Zee rings with no problem, however. They cinched right down and locked on nicely. Overall this is a decent mount that won't cost a lot of money and gives you more scope mounting flexibility over a two-piece weaver mount. It's not a great mount but overall, I am pleased with my set up. The base is a little taller than I think it needs to be. However, I could use low rings with a 42mm scope bell. Still wish it were not so tall. I would buy this again for a different rifle and I would recommend to friends with a few caveats.


best scope mount for Remington 700 7mm mag

I'm using this mount on a Remington 700 7mm mag. The holes were drilled just perfectly and the mount sits fairly high on the rifle. I'm using a Burris E1 4.5 x 14', and I think I could have used low mounts on it. I already had a set of medium mounts, but if it wasn't for the hassle of removing the scope and remounting, I would put low mounts on it. I've sighted the rifle in and put about 20 rounds through it. There was no azimuth alignment problems, and the point of impact stays under an inch. I would sure buy them again. Try them, I don't think you'll regret it one bit!


Well built picatinny rail

Good picatinny rail for remington 700 for the price. I mounted it on a Rem M700 in 243. I did bed the mount, and after allowing it to dry and removing it, I found that there was very little bedding material left on the bottom of the mount, so a very good fit to the receiver. Allowed a Leupold 3x9 to be placed exactly where I wanted it with good eye relief. A great lightweight mount.

Great Scope Mount

I have several of these EGW Remington 700 scope mounts, both SA and LA, the 20mm and standard versions, and they have all been excellent products. While most of mine are used on Rem 700s I have used them on other brands of rifles for folks who need a quality mount and they have always performed great when properly mounted and locktited down.


Good solid, basic Scope Base

Put this scope base on my Remington 700 in .223. Using a Bushnell 3-9 x40 scope and high rings for sage rats and such off a bench at less than 200yd. If I was going to be bumping this around, I may have gone with a steel version, but for the light duty, this set up gets, aluminum is fine. I don't shoot past 300yds so I didn't need a built in drop. Came with all the correct mounting hardware and fit great.

easy and fit and

Purchased Weaver this 1 piece scope mount for my Remingotn 700 SPS Tactical 223. The full combo includes a Weaver 1-piece base, Burris XTR low sized rings, and Nikon M223 3-12X42 scope. The rings have more than enough clearance and the multi slot base allows proper eye relief and correct scope mounting. Mounting everything was easy and fit and finish were excellent.



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