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Remington 700 Long Action Scope base

Remington 700 Long Action Scope base

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The Remington 700 Long Action Scope Base is an accessory designed with the Remington 700 long action rifle. It allows you to attach a scope or other optic to your firearm, providing a reliable and accurate aiming solution that can improve your accuracy and precision on the range or in the field. The base is made of durable materials, has a sturdy design, and is easy to install with a "slide and lock" system. It is machined to tight tolerances for a precise fit and is compatible with various optics. The base comes with a Picatinny rail designed for use with the Remington 700 long action, enabling you to easily and securely install your optic on your rifle. The combination of the Picatinny rail for Rem 700 long action and the Picatinny rail for Remington 700 long action is ideal for those looking to enhance their shooting skills. This base is suitable for competitive shooters, law enforcement professionals, and recreational shooters.

Alt Description:

  • Remington 700 long action scope mount
  • Remington 700 picatinny rail long action
  • Remington 700 long action picatinny rail
  • Steel picatinny rail for Remington 700 long action
  • Picatinny rail for rem 700 long action
  • Remington 700 la scope base
  • Remington 700 la picatinny rail

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