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It’s incredibly surprising that over thirty years ago a gentleman named Ronnie Barrett produced something no one ever thought was physically possible, and that was a shoulder-fired .50 caliber rifle which was so brilliant and innovative, the Army itself soon equipped it. From sketching his initial designs on his own dining room table to working endlessly with a local die and tool maker in order to create specialist parts that had never existed until now. This unique ability to produce something that is bespoke and works to a premium-standard is something Barrett has continued to focus on.

Barrett’s headquarters are situated in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the company itself is undeniably the world leader in both large-caliber rifle design, their accessories and manufacturing. Barrett’s products are used by both law enforcement agencies, civilian sports shooters, the United States military and incredibly more than 73 State Department approved countries from across the globe.

Barrett have manufactured riflescope mounts, bases, and rings in order for you to eliminate any possible distractions and center your full attention on the task at hand while also feeling confident in your gear and with your equipment.

Barrett have been able to successfully identify many problems that long-range shooters will often encounter on a regular basis, such as specific scope and rifle combinations that simply don’t offer enough “up” adjustment in elevation in their scopes in order to allow the user to hit targets successfully at the maximum range of their chosen rifle systems. With dual Barrett’s leading and bespoke scope ring technology they have made this issue a thing of the past.