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AR Tool

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AR Tool: The Ultimate Accessory for Every AR-15 Connoisseur

Welcome to Mounts Plus - your hub for premier AR Tools. As fervent supporters of the AR-15 platform, we grasp the essence of wielding the perfect tools for your rifle. Whether you're an adept gunsmith or an AR aficionado seeking the best tools, you're at the right place.

Highlighted AR Tools:

  • Armorer's Wrench: An indispensable addition for every AR-15 aficionado. Seamlessly install or remove barrel nuts, muzzle devices, and buttstocks. Featured products include the renowned NcSTAR Armorer's Wrench and the sturdy Magpul Armorer's Wrench AR15/M4.
  • AR15 Vise Block: Fortify your AR-15 during upgrades or maintenance sessions. We vouch for the VISM Upper Receiver AR-15 Vise Block and the PRI AR-15/AR-10 Upper Receiver Takedown Pin Vise Block.
  • AR15 Barrel Nut Wrench: A pivotal tool to guarantee firm barrel attachments. The PRI AR-15 Barrel Nut Wrench stands out as a top choice.

Why Opt for Our AR Tools?

At Mounts Plus, our AR tools resonate with excellence. Crafted with precision, our tools guarantee longevity and impeccable performance. Curated specifically for the AR-15 enthusiast, we ensure you have an optimal tool for every endeavor. Whether it's assembling your unique rifle or periodic upkeep, lean on our tools for a smooth experience.

Voice of Our Loyalists:

  • "Robust & Reliable - The PRI AR tool seamlessly fits the barrel nut. No slippage, just perfect torque every time. Considering another purchase!" - Bman
  • "Functionality at its Best - An exceptionally sturdy AR tool with essential features. Provides unmatched leverage when necessary." - Rudy

Trust in Mounts Plus

Our unwavering dedication to quality has cemented our reputation in the AR-15 community. Dive into our array of AR tools and witness the Mounts Plus distinction. For guidance or queries, our proficient team stands ready.


  • "Top-Notch Wrench - Undoubtedly the finest AR tool wrench I've come across. The tool's pin design ensures minimal risk of damage. Considering a modification for barrels with pinned front sights. Highly recommended!" - Hugh
  • "A Must-Have for Assembly - Acquired this AR tool anticipating a future need. Brilliant engineering. Essential for my upcoming carbine lower build." - Gary
  • "Exceptional Multi-Tool - A robust AR tool packed with essential features. Surpassed my expectations! Designed for longevity." - Rudy
  • "Magpul's Signature Excellence - A Magpul classic! Except for a minor buffer tube hiccup, it's an armorer's dream. Essential for every toolbox." - D. Cash

Elevate your AR-15 experience with the finest tools from Mounts Plus. Experience precision, reliability, and longevity with every purchase. Dive in now!

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