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AR Tools Overview

Unless you want to surrender yourself to luck and chance, you absolutely need to have the tools to adjust your weapon and repair it when needed. During stressful operations you might have to adjust a lot of detail on your weapon and you won’t be able to wait for someone else to do it for you. This is why you need a complete and practical set of tools to use for those emergencies. On our site we offer an extensive list of tools that cover almost all needs you might have, from single tools to amazing combo choices, you can create your own kit or choose one of our complete ones. The choice is yours and you better be prepared for the worst. Our tools are all made from high quality materials and are specially designed with the AR-15 operator in mind. Get your own tool set now and feel at ease that whatever situation might occur you will be ready for it!

What people are saying about these AR Tools:

The best AR tool wrench that I have found so far

I bought this AR tool after breaking the pins on several of the multi-tools. The pins on this tool are firmly attached and there are enough of them spaced at the right interval so that there is very little risk of marring the part or tool. I am thinking of ordering another one of these and removing a small section in order to use it on barrels with pinned front sights, that's how good it is.


Start here

Don't make the same mistake I did and buy a inexpensive multi tool. I managed to frustrate myself and mess up two barrel nuts before I bought this PRI AR tool. Fits the barrel nut perfectly and allows for proper torque and alignment without slippage the first time. Good on stubborn nuts too. Well worth the price.


Well Engineered

I bought this as AR tool to have in case I ever need to work on either of my rifles. Looks to be well engineered. Have not needed to use it just yet. I will probably need it for the next lower build. I am planning on building a carbine lower very soon and will need this tool for assembly.


AR15 multi-tool

This AR tool is heavy duty and has several needed things to adjust and work on my AR 15. The price was good. The tool was better than I thought when I ordered it. It will last a long time. The design makes it easy to use and the size makes it where you can get leverage when needed.


Great AR Tool for a great price

Solid AR tool. My only complaint is that the wrench for the muzzle device is assuming you’re attaching a bird cage. I want to attach a KX5 and will have to use another wrench. Not a big deal. You won’t find a better price than here, and shipping was quick. The experience over all I would recommend.

Eric Smith

Solid Magpul Quality & Performance

It’s a Magpul folks and it just works! Solid piece of kit, feels great in hand. The only downside I had was the AR pistol buffer tube I was replacing had a larger circumference than the caste nut wrench end of the tool. Other than that, it’s a solid tool...add it to your armorers toolbox.

D. Cash