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AR15 Vise Block

AR15 Vise Block

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Discover the Ideal AR-15 Vise Block for Your Maintenance & Builds

Looking for the perfect tool to simplify your AR-15 maintenance and build projects? Look no further! At Mounts Plus, we offer a wide selection of high-quality AR-15 vise blocks designed to make your tasks easier and more efficient. Explore our carefully curated collection of AR-15 vise blocks today.

Why Invest in an AR-15 Vise Block?

An AR-15 vise block is an essential tool for any AR-15 owner, offering numerous benefits and advantages:

  • Secure support: Vise blocks hold your AR-15 in place, providing a stable platform for maintenance, cleaning, and assembly tasks.
  • Protection: Vise blocks are designed to prevent damage to your AR-15 components by evenly distributing pressure and reducing the risk of scratches or dents.
  • Efficient work: With your AR-15 securely held by a vise block, you can perform tasks more efficiently and with greater precision.
  • Compatibility: Our selection of vise blocks is designed to accommodate various AR-15 components, including upper and lower receivers, ensuring a perfect fit for your rifle.

Our Selection of AR-15 Vise Blocks

At Mounts Plus, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of top-quality AR-15 vise blocks to suit your specific needs. Our selection includes:

  • Upper receiver vise blocks for barrel installations and removals
  • Lower receiver vise blocks for trigger and buffer tube installations
  • Multi-function vise blocks for a versatile AR-15 maintenance solution
  • Clamp-style vise blocks for enhanced stability
  • And more!

Shop with Confidence at Mounts Plus

When you choose Mounts Plus for your AR-15 vise block needs, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you'll receive:

  • Top-quality products from reputable brands
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert customer service and support

Don't wait to simplify your AR-15 maintenance and build projects with the perfect vise block. Browse our extensive collection and find the ideal tool for your needs today!

What people are saying about these AR15 vise blocks:

Does what it is supposed to do

I have used PRI vise block with AR 15 and AR 10 uppers. It holds both securely. Before this I had to remove my optics to use an upper clamp for muzzle and barrel work. This solves all that.


Recommend this for anyone who works on AR Type Rifles

I have used this part in a vise for a number of activities. Cleaning, handguard replacement, sight installation, gas tube installation and muzzle mounted devices. Very handy and prevent scratches on the upper.


It did the job quite nicely!

I have a plastic AR15 vise block I have used once or twice in a pinch, and I hated having to remove my optics. When the time came upgrade the handguard on a DPMS Oracle in 308 I was stuck with no solution. This tool worked beautifully on the 308 and has the benefit of working on the AR15's also and best of all no need to remove the optics. Anybody need a clamshell AR15 block at a cheap price?


It did the job quite nicely!

This block is a must-have for barrel replacement on AR uppers. Very well built and easy to use, the upper sit in place atop the block, which is clamped in your vice. The hitch-pin attachment points make it easy and fast.


Excellent strength

Excellent strength on holding both my AR15 and AR10. I only replaced the factory pins with bolts and wing nuts for even stronger and stable hold. Overall great product.


Essential for your AR toolkit

Essential tool for your overall AR toolkit. HEAVY duty AR15 vise block that will last a lifetime. Very stable for installation and removal of barrel nuts, etc. One of the best things is the ease of use. This is one of my go to vise blocks for my builds in most cases. I recommend this item for others.

Steven I Szabo

Great Product BUY it!

Well built, I have used this ar15 receiver block on four different builds so far, and it has worked flawlessly. I have used it on A1, A2, and flat top uppers and they all fit perfectly the gas tube alignment rod works perfectly it holds your upper receivers tight without leaving marks. Buy it you wont go wrong.



Used this Wheeler ar 15 vise block clamp to remove a very stubborn barrel-nut. It handled the pressure of a 3ft. cheater bar to remove the nut without any deformation. The amount of stress I had to apply, I thought something is going to break. TOUGH PRODUCT!!!!!

Works great with a standard upper

This ar15 vise block works pretty well with a standard a2/m4 upper. It won't fit a pistol caliber dedicated upper because of the extended shell deflector. I bought a second one and modified it with a Dremel to hold a pistol caliber upper. It did the job with no major issue. One thing to note, it is assumed that you don't have the dust cover on the upper when you use the insert. Or rather, when you try and remove the insert, it won't open the door. I had to "mortar" the upper against my leg to pop the cover open. No big deal. But keep this in mind if you have an assembled upper.


Must have for AR toolboxes

Using this device was a breeze! I have yet to need the gas tube alignment part yet, but I bought this particular block set because it had that and I will need it at some point for a standard spec install—excellent addition to my AR15 toolbox.


A Very Useful Tool.

I had bought the "soft" vise jaw pads and used them to "kind of" hold my uppers in place, but the hold was always wonky and unsure at best. Seeing the Wheeler upper vise block, I thought I'd give a try, and man does it work great. I haven't found any upper operation that this vise doesn't make easier. I've done three build-ups and several accessories swap outs so far and I very happy with the steady and secure hold these imparts on the upper.


Wheeler engineering delta vise block

This AR15 vise block makes lining up the barrel nut and gas tube and checking for rubs on the bolt carrier key so easy you will think you are a gunsmith. My block measures 2.80" wide so the vise will have to open to 3". Not one complaint about it.


Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR-15

I used the Wheeler AR15 Upper Receiver Block to rebarrel 2 ARs and it works great. It is so sturdy that I lifted my workbench off the floor torqueing one of the barrels and there was no problem. One thing, though-wrap the inside with several layers of masking tape as the block is harder than the Teflon finish on most ARs and if you put enough torque on a barrel nut the block will put shiny spots on the upper (won't hurt to wrap it as well). No other hiccups noted.


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