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AK Grip / AK47 Grips | ON SALE

AK Grip / AK47 Grips | ON SALE

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Choosing the Best AK Grip for you needs

Our selection of AK-47 grips at Mounting Solutions Plus has something for everyone. If you utilize one of these weapons in hunting or on the target range, you know how much of a problem recoil can be. The strength of these powerful weapons is reflected in the powerful recoils they can cause, and these recoils can weaken the accuracy of your aim.

This is why you need an excellent AK 47 grip to help stabilize your weapon and give you more control over your aim and accuracy. The problem is that you don’t just want any old item on the market. It would help if you had a piece that will offer you superior traction and durability that make it easy for you to retain complete control of your weapon every time you make a shot.

At Mounting Solutions Plus, we don’t skimp on quality. All of our AK 47 grips are carefully crafted by brands that are well-known and trusted by gun enthusiasts everywhere. Instead of bringing you low-quality items, we offer options from brands like ERGO, Samson, and Magpul. We bring you these brands because our goal is to help you find a product that will take anything you throw at it and provide you with the stability and durability you need. Don’t let recoil throw you off your aim any longer. Look through our selection of items today, and order the perfect option to help you gain mastery over your weapon.

If you are not sure which item in this collection is right for you and your gun, you don’t have to worry. At Mounting Solutions Plus, we take pride in making our customers our number one priority and providing personalized service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. We would love to help you navigate our inventory and find the perfect option to coax your weapon into top performance. Whether you are a seasoned gun connoisseur or a beginning hunter, we will be able to help you find the perfect item for your needs. Don’t waste your time-fighting the recoil. Call us today and let us help you find which of our AK 47 grips is right for you.

Popular AK Grips:

  1. Magpul AK Grip - A drop-in upgrade for AK-pattern pistol grips, the MOE AK Grip is designed to improve ergonomics and comes with an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control.
  2. Magpul AK Grip K2- a drop-in upgrade for AK47/AK74 platforms that offers a more vertical grip angle, but in a full-size grip design.
  3. ATI Scorpion Grip AK - Recoil Reducing Pistol Grip
  4. Magpul AK Grip Plus - combines reinforced polymer body construction with comfortable, wrap-around rubber overmolding for maximum weapon control
  5. Ergo AK grip - Rigid polymer construction. Ergonomic, ambidextrous rigid grip for AK weapons.
  6. Hogue AK Grip - Cmbined the classic Hogue Overmolded AK Grip with our Field Survivor tool in this kit.


What people are saying about these AK Grips:

Excellent Grip and value for your AK-47

I like this Magpul AK grip. I am not a fan of going very fancy on an AK and have kept my standard AK grip for some time. However, I did try this grip as a friend had one on his AK. Feels great. It gives me a little more to hold on, too, without being too large. Texture gives you an excellent non-slip hold. Also, it is just plain enough not to take away from that rugged AK look. That is not to say it is not aesthetically pleasing because it is. Just not too much. Install was not a problem. However, I should mention when I first went to install; it seemed possibly too tight to the point I was thinking; I may have to get out the Dremel. But, taking a very close look, it appeared to be right on the margin, so I decided to try the install without any shaving or sanding. Putting the grip in place, I used the grip bolt to fit it as I applied torque in turning the bolt. That worked pulling the grip ideally in place, and now I am glad I did not cut or sand away anything. It is on, and I mean good and snug. Used a little Blue Loctite, so it should be in place until I decide to remove it. 


Great AK Grip

This Magpul grip is a significant upgrade from the original hold that came standard on my AK. I have these grips on all three of my AK's and have no complaints about them. They have a pleasant texture, and the battery storage is a plus. If you are looking for a cheap but durable upgrade, this is one of the better options.


Fits perfect

Bought this Magpul AK grip cause the grip on my ak was cracked at the mounting screw and started to come upside bought this grip cause I have it on all my ars, and it fits perfectly.

Dan K.

I installed this grip on ...

I installed this grip on a Norinco NHM-91 to replace the factory thumbhole stock. I have this type of grip on my AK and two M-4's, and it makes a big difference in comfort and dexterity. The compartment inside is large enough to hold the Otis Micro Rifle Gun Cleaning Kit. I would recommend this grip to anybody! Five stars!


I bought these for myself...

I bought these Tapco AK Grip for my Hungarian AMD 65 to replace the ugly blonde wood grips it came with, and I couldn't be more pleased! Easy to install, look, and feel great! Now it is a "Black Gun" thanks!


Great Grip-here's an installation tip

I love this ATI AK grip for both the shock-absorbing system and for the greater one-hand control of the firearm with the finger grooves on the grip. When installing, be sure to include the lock washer in place between the screw head and the screw hole in the grip. Also, by just starting the retention screw into the grip itself- but NOT protruding beyond the top end- it will be much easier to start the screw into the T-piece in the receiver. You must tighten the grip down FIRMLY to prevent any wobble

Otto K

Scorpion pistol grip

Excellent AK grip though may benefit from minor tweaks such as more pronounced gripping texture and possibly an option for no finger grooves. Overall an excellent feeling grip


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