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AK Foregrip | ON SALE

AK Foregrip | ON SALE

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If you're looking to improve your grip and control on your AK-47 rifle, Mounts Plus has a great selection of vertical grips. These grips, also known as AK 47 foregrips or AK front grips, are a popular accessory for AK-47 rifles. They provide a comfortable and secure hold on your weapon, helping to improve your accuracy and handling while shooting.
Our selection of AK-47 vertical grips includes options made from durable materials like polymer and aluminum, ensuring a stable and reliable grip. These grips also come in various styles, including ergonomic designs that contour to your hand and textured surfaces for a secure grip in any condition.

Whether you're an experienced shooter or new to the AK-47 platform, a vertical grip is a simple and affordable way to enhance your rifle's performance. Please browse our selection and find the perfect AK-47 foregrip for your rifle today!

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