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If your weapon has worn parts or just needs an upgrade, consider adding an AK 47 pistol grip. A new handle will provide you with a comfortable grip and can make the gun more useful as a tactical weapon.

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We offer a selection of these accessories so you can find just what you need. When it comes to AK 47 pistol grips, there are many different styles. Many gun lovers want the classic saw type. This slanted piece can come with a symmetrical, smooth handle or a grooved look to get a better grip.

Many of them are made from a composite of different materials, which makes them more durable. Then just choose the color that best complements the weapon. A vertical AK 47 pistol grip are another option for your gun. These handles are straight and fit the gun in the same way as any other grip.

These items will give you better control while shooting. They also make it easy to add tactical accessories to the weapon. Many of them also have a compartment in the handle for storage of small items. This hidden storage area is water tight to keep them clean and dry. Others have a fold-out bipod for hands-free use.

Other AK 47 pistol grips are perfect for use in an outdoor setting, due to the additions to the device. These items have fold-out knives and other tools. When not in use, they are stored flush against the handle of the gun. Then you simply fold them out, and your weapon instantly becomes a tool that can tackle any challenge you come across. They are made from lightweight aluminum as well as composite materials to provide you with a unique tool without extra bulk.

These devices come in a range of styles and colors so you can find the one that works best with your gun. No matter the use, Mounting Solutions Plus has just what you need. We have a large assortment of handles made from high-quality materials that will last for years to come. Get the perfect handle to transform your gun into the tactical device you need.